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metastatic malignant melanoma

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I am still amazed that there is no listing for metastatic malignant melenoma. MY daughter who I made this profile for has this type cancer. She is 24. Is there anyone out there who has been diagnosed with this and would like to swap stories and info ?

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Metastatic means that cells from the original tumor have broken away and traveled through the lymphatic system or blood to another part of the body.
I had this diagnosis with the primary tumor being on top of my right foot and 'nests' of melanoma cells found in the lymph nodes in my right groin after a Sentinel Lymph Node biopsy was done.
I'm going to guess that your daughters Melanoma was staged at least Stage III based on the fact it's spread somewhere else.
You're welcome to click on my name and photo; I think it should take you to my profile.

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I'm from the ovarian discussion board and I subscribe to the Cancer Network updates. This link is for this board:


Best wishes to all of you.

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