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Only week one...nausea and fatigue...does it get better?

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I dint expect the first week to be so challenging. I am 38 and had my hpv+ tonsil and lymph nodes removed a couple weeks ago. This week I started the "clean up"...looking forward to 35 rads and 3 cisplatin over 7 weeks. The doc said the that the first two weeks would be easy, but the nausea and fatigue have me coming home early from work each day already. Do these symptoms get better?


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The symptoms might not get "better" but they will likely be different. Doug had more than the usual nausea but seems to have weathered the pain part pretty well. A bad first 2 weeks does not necessarily mean the rest will be worse - your doctor should not have used the word "easy" I think, as that is such a relative term.

However, you should heed the warning your body is sending - time to step up the nutrition, get extra sleep and cut out anything in your daily schedule that is not vital. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint, so you need to work on conserving your energy.

Radiation can take a lot out of you, especially for the 2-3 hours afterward. If there is any way you can grab a nap then, you might find you can work later.

Yes, the symptoms get better. . . in about 4 months. You will make it, one way or another.

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