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cb girl
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The surgeon said we can go home tommorrow! Almost let us go today, but hubby finishing up IV antibiotics. No leaks-all tubes have been removed-down to just EKG and one IV in his port for antibiotics. Pathology report was almost identical to the first surgery on his RUL=same type of cancer, 2 lymph nodes at base of tumor positive for cancer, but all that's been removed. Will see surgeon and oncologist in 2 wks for f/u and discuss possible chemo for the lymph node, but that remains to be seen. Going to enjoy this moment of them saying- right now it looks like you're cancer free. It's an adventure that's for sure. And we'll be home for both birthday and anniversary. Sweet!

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So glad to hear that you're going home. Hope your hubby continues to do good. And do make sure that you celebrate both anniversary & birthday good!!! Carole

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Good for you and your husband. I know it must be such a relief to now have both procedures done and be able to go home now. I wish you both well. Lori

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