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maybe too soon but I think I have good news too

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we have all been taking some hard blows here lately. that frightens me.....

I finally got up the nerve to phone for CEA results yesterday and they were 3.0...up from 2.9 in Dec but still I am going with that

Today was my CTscan.....the waiting room was crammed with cancer patients all drinking our contrast dye....conversations, laughter, hugs good wishes everywhere despite some nasty circumstances.

After my test I ran into a radiologist who said.....Mags I just had a quick look at your scan and I think it looks good.....lungs good.....liver filled with hardware from re-sections but nothing jumped out at him.....i came home fell into bed....tired, exhausted with worry....praying the phone doesn't ring and he has changed his mind

so tentatively I have good news too....appt on Friday with GP to sum things up

best wishes to all


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Enjoy the good news! Thanks for sharing it with us. I don't think there will be a change his mind; I think if there was any question he would not have spoken. So...enjoy, this is a day of victory for you.

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Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

for people new to the board i should say I am one of the old timers.....6 years now and stage 4.....I am 2 years and a bit away from my second liver resection and not quite 2 years finished a protocol of xeloda and oxalyplatin

I have to say it did not feel any easier today for the ct scan......as i edge away from treatment again.....the anxiety seems to increase....

but not to be negative......there is hope if we keep pluggin away

thanks anne......hugs


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Nana b
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Appears that we are all getting scans lately. That is such great news. I am happy for you! Rest, you deserve it!

Just keep on living! Hugs!!

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Hugs mate hope it is as good as he thinks. My update ,another year older:( yesterday but tho early days it looks like I might be a grandpa before long:)Ron.

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Happy Birthday + congrats on possibly becoming a grandpa - please keep us updated on that!

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ahhhh Ron a baby!!!!! that is the best of news.....do tellllll mags

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My son John and his wife spent a couple of months visiting zambia. They had some good friends over there. They have been trying for a family and looks like the change of venue has done the trick. It's early days and I know a lot of things can go wrong but it feels right, They are very excited. I am excited for them ,they are good kids. Ron.

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tina dasilva
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Megs so happy to hear your good news and all the best on friday hun miss you and hugs for you Tina

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Everything is going to be just fine you'll see.
Keep thinking posative Mags. Remembers Kerry's rant attitude attitude attitude.
Love ya Mags,

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Hi Mags, sounds good so far so lets go with that :)

Love and hugs, Gail

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Hang on to that good news...tell the doc "no take backs!".

Spring is here...at least at my house finally...so enjoy the feeling of life's renewal!


Marie who loves kitties

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greaaaaaaat,greaaaaaaaat!.No changes of opinion at all!
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggsssssss! yeahhhhhhhhh!

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So glad for you!!!
Winter Marie

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YAY to good news!!! I got home from work to find a message on my answering machine, I go for my first CT three months into the Folfiri...hopefully it will be good news like yours :) I suppose as it gets closer to the date end of the month I'll probably get scan anxiety.

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Hi Mags,

It sure sounds like good news! I would think it would be quite irresponsible for the tech to say something to you, just to have it turn out to not be good. So, I would think he wouldn't have said anything if there was anything suspect to report. So, sounds good!!

So far as the CEA, up one tenth of a point since December is nothing to be concerned about- it's still very low!
Enjoy your good news and you take care!!


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Oh, that sounds very good!


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Now you can breathe a little easier! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story . . .

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Congrats on the great news!!!


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Im thinking you are gonna have a great week !!! Love and Hugs.........buzz

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A good scan is a wonderful thing!

Good luck on Friday.


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I am so happy for you, yes relax and enjoy the news, Sending hugs your way and keeping you in my prayers as always...


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Take it and enjoy the news with everything you have. I know I will. Nice to get it confirmed formally on Friday but hope it will give you the chance to celebrate it all over again!

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Mags, big hugs.

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I check back in and the first thing I see is this! You have me smilin before my first cup of coffee and if you were to ask my wife she would tell you that isnt possible, ;).

I'm thinking Friday will bring, conformation, celebration, and then a week-end of relaxation!
All of which you deserve!

Ill be sending you good vibes


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That is wonderful news Have a wonderful day


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Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

thanks to all of you.....it really is amazing the loving response this board can offer...

yes Gracie.....I hugged that radiologist tight....and breathed my stinky coffee breath all over him....

I am going out right now to buy him a nice bottle of wine that i will just drop off at the desk for himmmmm

by the way....has anyone noticed after CT scan the smell of their urine????

I imagine I can smell weird contrast dye nuclear smells....yuckkk keeping drinking water...


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...for Maggie May:)

I believe cancer is a distant memory for you now....you're so far down the road that when you look back, you can no longer see it.


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Dear Mags,

Reading your post makes me smile. I'm very very happy to hear that you have received all these good news!

I hope your days will be filled with good news in the future!
Best wishes to you and the others.

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tina dasilva
Posts: 644
Joined: Sep 2010

Mags so whats the news all good for sure. hugs Tina

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Hi Mags,
Thinking about you this morning and hoping and praying you got confirmation of good news yesterday.


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