Sir Spheres

Brochure was handed to me yesterday by a Dr. after doing a liver biopsy for probable liver mets. I see onc next Wed., could probably get results earlier, but they are pretty sure it is mets. Since I had such a tremendous reaction to chemo first time around, onc didn't start anything yet. He said surgery might be an option or Sir Spheres probably not burning them off because of location. I have read and reread lots of your comments on surgery, etc and want to thank you for information that you share, it will help me if I have to make that decision. Not looking for answers yet, but just a thanks for info, I wish I knew about this site before my initial diagnosis, not way are doing a public are a wealth of info. Thanks, Pat


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    Pat Thanks to you for been here.
    We love you too! Hope they are wrong on their diagnose !.
    Praying for that!.