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Strawberries - Buy Organic

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---Strawberries may be a superfood—but they pose a potential risk unless you go organic. In addition to having up to 13 pesticides detected on the fruit, according to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis, conventional "strawberries have a large surface area and all those tiny bumps, which makes the pesticides hard to wash off, so you’re ingesting more of those chemicals," explains Marion Nestle, PhD, a professor of nutrition and public health at New York University and author of What to Eat.

If you can, also skip conventional peaches, apples, blueberries, and cherries, which are typically treated with multiple pesticides and usually eaten skins-on.

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Yes, I also now believe it's important to buy all thin skinned fruits and veggies organic. A word of caution, however... I recently discovered that I had contracted cryptospordium, which is a microscopic parasite that is normally found in tainted water.
When I wondered about how I could have gotten that (haven't swam in any ponds, ocean water, or anything like that & I drink and cook with only filtered water, my onc said it could actually have been on the organic fruits or veggies that I've been eating lately. He said that they don't have the pesticides on them (which he acknowledged as good that they don't), but they are more likely to have bug eggs and small unseen parasites on them.
So it is really important to wash all fruit and veggies well to make sure we are not eating any parasites. Pesticides sink into the thin skinned fruit and veggies, so even when you wash those fruits and veggies well (which you definitely should), much of the pesticides is already sunken into the actual fruit and then you ingest all that poison. At least with the organics, bug eggs and/or parasites can be washed off (take caution to check the fruits/veggies for any holes or trails & don't eat if it looks like an insect has invaded the fruit or veggie (unless it can be completely cut out, then not a problem).

To your health, everyone!

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Nana b
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I have been buying organic at Costco, but last week, I noticed that they come from Mexico. Hmmm, not sure about how organic they are or how the US knows that they follow instructions on what organic means. Of course, it could be American's over there overseeing and following IS gudelines. Don't know. But yes, berries should be organic or home grown.

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I know it sounds gross... but in order to avoid any chemicals, pesticides, bugs left in the fruits for my mum. I usually peel all the fruits (e.g., apple and grapes), and use hot water to soak strawberry, blueberry.

I've tried the hot fruit, they taste actually alright. I know some vitamins will lost from hot water, but the oncologist insists my mum has to eat everything warm and cooked.

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Nana b
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Sounds like unsweetened jam to me! yum!

Having garlic, sauteed with organic asparagus, spinach,eggs, and red pepper. So good!

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mmmmmmm :) sounds yummy Raquel!

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I believe it's called "the dirty dozen" which outlines which fruits and veggies should be purchased as organic.

Thanks for the heads up Lisa about the bug eggs. I always wash my produce well, now I will wash it an extra time.

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We buy 30 lbs. each spring direct from the farm and freeze them for the year. Still have a supply from last spring keeping us in nice smoothies daily.

With blueberries we go for about 60-70 lbs. per year. Keeps us in good spirits through out he long winter.


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Nana b
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Great idea. Berries keep all their nutrient even when frozen.

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