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rough weekend

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If you don't mind listening, I'll tell you about my crappy weekend.

It started off great. I coached my 11 year old's 2 soccer games Saturday morning. I knew we would be missing some players, so I had my 9 year old suit up too. It was really fun to coach both of my kids on the same team. My 9 year old is a total butt kicker and had no problem keeping up with the big girls.

I started to feel some intestinal pain Saturday afternoon, and by nighttime it was clear that I had a partial blockage. Usually these blockages resolve themselves at home, but not this time. The pain got gradually worse. I started barfing at 4:30am and couldn't keep any water down. By 8 it was clear that I had to go to the er. I spent Sunday, Sunday night and most of Monday in the hospital. The doctors did a ct scan and determined that the blockage was being caused by an adhesion, and not a tumor. What a relief. I feel like I dodged another bullet. Last week I was happy to have kidney stones. This week it's adhesions.

I've been feeling down, and now the news about Kerry. I really love that guy. He made me laugh so many times. He pulled me out of my post surgery slump. I hope his end is peaceful.

I forgot to tell you how great our Get Your Rear in Gear race was 2 weeks ago. Both of my surgeons and lots of other oncs were there. My team won the awards for 'largest team' and 'most creative tee-shirt.' The organizer of the event asked me to start the race - with the starter's pistol. That was cool. I really hadn't done a whole lot of organizational work, but I wanted to do something dramatic to celebrate the day. So the day before the race, I went to the barber and got a mowhawk. And then dyed it cc blue. It was a real hit with everybody - except for Kim who cried. I'm not sure how long I'll keep it. I'll post a picture soon.

Be well.

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That name is really starting to suit you!!! LOL.... Dude... you DID have a rough weekend! So glad you got past it and no tumors to boot!! I know what ya mean about "being happy" to have kidney stones or adhesions.... I felt the same about "JUST pneumonia" Amazing how life changes! I cannot wait to see the mohawk!!! You take care! Hi Kim!!!


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I am sorry your weekend turned out to be so crummy! I am glad it was an adhesion + not anything else that caused the problem.

The soccer games sound great!

I know Kerry feels the same way about you; he often mentioned you warmly in his posts. He is an amazing man.

Can't wait to see the pic!

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Roger, I am new to the site and just trying to get to know everyone. I am sorry about your weekend ending so crappy!!! You sure are going through a lot right now. But before all that happened you had fun with your girls. So all was not lost.
I can't wait to see your picture with the mohawk, did the girls crack up? or were they embarrassed? I had 4 daughters so I felt it my duty to embarrass someone at least once a month ; )
I hope there are many pain free days ahead of you.
God Bless,Judy

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Oh, I'm so sorry about all that, Roger. No fair! I pray you're going to have some quiet, healthy days coming up immediately.

PLEASE post pictures of the hair!


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So sorry to hear about the blockage. I can relate. Been there done that and have to keep constantly on guard with mine. I'm so glad that you are doing better.

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Hi Roger,

First of all, I'm glad the race went so well- that's cool that the oncs were there! Curious to see your mohawk. Maybe Kim needs it to grow back to normal soon, though. :)
Glad you had such a great early Saturday with coaching the soccer team and your own kids- pretty neat!

I have a friend who recently was glad to have "just" a benign cyst in her liver (they are watching it carefully- she had kidney cancer and recently had one kidney removed with the encapsulated tumor in it).
I know- we first got some good news of Buzz's good scan, Pepe's CEA going down, and Jennie's NED status! I wish it could have been good news for everyone this week. I'm really sad about both John and now Kerry.
I know- it's the risk of being on a cancer board- some people do not make it and we risk our feelings when something bad happens to people we've built relationships with.
It's not enough to scare me off the board though (my husband wonders why I go on a board where it's inevitable that I'll end up hearing some bad news from time to time). He doesn't get the benefits I get from being on here, I guess. Sad news on the board from time to time, but also a place I'm very drawn to.

Well, you take care- I'm glad it's "just" an adhesion. What are they going to do for you for it? I haven't had adhesions- is it just tissue growing back or overgrowing in areas near where you had surgery?

hang in there & stay strong!


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You're right that was a crappy weekend. Sometimes it really sucks, well, okay all the time cancer really sucks, and it sucks worse when it interferes with our time with our loved ones and our bodies.
On the bright side (bright blue perhaps?) we'll get to see you with a mohawk and you coached your daughters games.
Your one heck of a guy, I still think about that news article about you. Just reiterates what we think, you're a GOOD GUY!!!
Be well my friend, be well,
Winter Marie

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sorry about your weekend, hugs. Totally understand how you feel about Kerry.

Love Jennie for calling you Roger Dodger. lol

Many hugs to you

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you "do" things that I only wish I had the cahoonas to do...We have a Relay for Life May 13th, I will see what I have the cahoonas to do then, it will be something to represent the Semi colons and CSN.....You are a very unique individual that I admire more every time I read a post of yours.....keep the smile and attitude going, it suits you very well..your friend, buzz

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Hi Roger, sorry about your rough weekend but I'm glad you got to enjoy the beginning of it. Hope the pain is better. The race you were in sounds like fun and I'm glad you got to participate :)

Love and hugs, Gail

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I'm so sorry about your crappy weekend. I hope you are feeling better now.

I hope your coming weekend will be a fabulous one!
Love D

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Thanks for the message. Great mix of normality and the surreal- a good description of many of our lives at the moment. The kids keep us grounded though so the visits to hospital, the treatments, the clinics etc never come to take over what is really important.
Love to see the hair!

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Get that pic posted. Yucky about the weekend. You know Kerry thought the world of you and if he could he would be saying no tears. I remember when I was down in the dumps and came on the board and there is Kerry, talking about hog brushing. I thought, gosh, why would anyone brush a hog, a horse maybe, but a pig. When I realized he was talking more along the lines of grass cutting I started laughing until I couldn't answer the phone. City girl here and I had no idea what he was talking about. Kerry has a way of doing that, honest and straightforward type of guy with a little bit of attitude thrown in.

A blue mowhawk, well, gotta see a pic of that one, and soon. Say hi to Kim.

Hugs - Tina

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Nana b
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Adhesiona, yep, a lot better then the alternative! It is sad about Kerry. That's that bad part about this site. Losing someone.

Try to keep living each day with laughter, its contagious, and so good for the soul! Hugs!

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Did they win the game? HA HA hope you are now feelin better, sorry to hear that you hade3 such a rough time of it. Can't wait to see the hair!

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let us see your new Cherokee look asap please! lol.

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You had the roller coaster version of a weekend, Roger. Soccer game, high. blockage, low, then realizing no tumor high. Keep chugging friend, from one of the first posts I read of yours I thought you were an amazing guy, and with each subsequent post you solidify that opinion.

And now I have a picture in my mind of a crow with a blue mohawk, LOL. Cant wait to see the real thing get that pic up!


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