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Help for student with sore mouth

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Hi, an 18 year old student of mine just started carbo last friday and is having mouth pain. Has that happened to anyone here? If so, what did you find helpful for the pain. I'd appreciate any info - she's very upset.
Thanks, Mia

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Hi Mia, I didn't have mouth pain, but my daughter had mixed half water and half peroxide which I used as a gargle. Did not get any mouth problems. Hope this helps. Give your friend my best wishes and tell her she has a good teacher. June.

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sucking on ice cubes
gargling with warm salt water every few hours
using throat and mouth spray with lidocaine
avoiding citrus
drinking warm tea
eating alkaline foods

I'm sure that other women can add suggestions I can't think of right now. Hope this helps.


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I did not have any mouth pain either, but a nurse I remember giving something called "magic mouthwash" to patients with sore mouths. It was made up of maalox, benadry, and viscous of lidocaine". It is prescribed by the doctor, so maybe she could ask for something like that.

I also heard of peroxigel that can be gotten over the counter. It comes with a dropper and is supposed to cause some numbing.

Years ago I had a growth removed from the roof of my mouth and the doctor ordered viscous of lidocaine for me to gargle with. That did help the mouth pain.

There have been a lot of other good suggestions. Hope some of them help her. Popsicles and frozen grapes are some other alternatives she could try. In peace and caring.

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I used biotene mouthwash during chemo, and actually even though I finished chemo in November I still am using this product.

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