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to sue

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well sue i have been trying to post this three times i think i posted it in the wrong place the first time the second time it didnt post i read your post a lot you seem like a very sweet lady. thank you for your reply i do try to think of myself and my health but i find it hard to do sometimes i think my kids as vampires and there draing the life out of me. you seem to be a very postive person. God bless you.

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Hahaha! Vampires...yes...it's the perfect word to describe how draining teenagers can be. Hang some garlic around the house and maybe the un-desireable creatures will go away..ha! Keep your sense of humor...some days it's all that gets us through. Hang in there...
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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sue i only have one teanager she will be 14 this year the rest of them are growen i have two sons one is 29, and the other one is 32,thats the two that will steal my medication from me 0ne of them stole 40 of percacet, my 29 years girlfriend stole my whole bottle of nerve meds i just had one of them and she stole all 89, she took them from my purse ijust had them filled and my 25 year old daughter married a man 20 years older than her he was a drug dealer he sexully assauted my 14 year old. we havent spoke since christmas because i belive my 13 year, they stopped me from seeing my grandchildrenand that broke my heart iwas really close to the oldest one i had him almost every day when he was an infant his bassinet stayed beside bed.thank you for your reply. i feel like my older kids should understand. God bless you. denise

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