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The surgeon decided to operate to fix the air leak, but when they put him to sleep, did the bronchoscopy, no leaks! they don't know if inflating the lung during the intubation sealed the leaks or they just went away, but hurray! so they didn't have to do a thoracotomy and open him back up, BUT his blood pressure bottomed out 70/40 so they had to keep him on the ventilator overnight. Needless to say he was on very scared, unhappy camper. The surgeon came in today and took the chest tubes out (they've been in since March 25th), the foley catheter is coming out when the nurse comes back in. Might even go to the regular floor today. Here's hoping we've turned the corner and get of this joint soon. Friday is his birthday and Monday the 11th is our 1st wedding anniversary. Not sure if I'm repeating myself because I post on caringbridge for family/friends and forget what I put where. This has been an emotional roller coaster this time and trying not to lose in the middle of all this that by coming here we may have gotten the cure we so wanted. thanks for all the encouraging words they have helped.


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    It all sounds good
    Everything sounds like good news!!! I hope you are both able to celebrate his birthday and your 1st anniversary at home.

    Stay strong,