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Check up Time - Of COURSE I Found a Lump

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Pam M
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I mentioned it at my appointment Friday; my doc said it's common for us (H&N patients) to develop odd neck lumps here and there after treatment, and that it's probably nothing (lump sticks out on left side of front of throat - just next to where my "firm" area from dissection is). But I overheard the injection nurse tell the appointment nurse "he said get the scans done NOW - she won't mind doing the scans in the afternoon instead of morning", so that made me paranoid. Then he called me today, to say my blood work is in, and I need to begin thyroid meds for underactive thyroid (did I mention that I've regained some of the weight I lost during treatment?). So now, the way I see it, if he thought my lump was a LUMP, he wouldn't be interested in my thyroid right now (my numbers are elevated, but not alarmingly high). All I need now is for someone to say "That's right, Pam - if he thought the lump was something bad, he'd hold off on the thyroid discussion". AND lump is in my neck, I think (the side that still has nodes) NOT in my throat, which looks good, thankyouverymuch. Ah well - I'm a year out from rads - lots of us have to go on thyroid meds. I told the appointment nurse I'd try to sleep till time to leave the house for my appointment - that way, I won't be obsessed with not being allowed to drink for very long. Sigh. Scans tomorrow (CT and PET).

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I am betting that is nothing but a lump, but will send up extra prayers. Also, sending you many hugs till you hear that is nothing but a lump.


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I am with Kathy on this one! Prayer's sent for added measure!
Hugg's Roz

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Hi, Pam. Somebody told me that "A lump is just a lump until it's something else". I think most of us have this tendency to find something a bit unusual and then place it into the worst possible scenario. And, our doctors, being concerned with our welfare, I believe are also sometimes prone to be very cautious as well. Best wishes and prayers to you for your scan. Be clean.


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Along with various aches and pains....

My ENT attributes them all to rads and treatment residual to be expected for awhile....

If you are feeling particularly brave...you can usually request a desk copy of your PET/CT results and they'll have them (report and CD) for you normally within 24 hours.

I get mine and peak at them (usually can understand enough to see that everything is good with nothing new noted)...

I get them several days before my MD follow-up visit...


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Glenna M
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Sending prayers and positive thoughts that it's just a lump.

A good friend told me not to spend my time worrying about the test results as worrying won't change anything. He is a 3 time cancer survivor so he knows what he is talking about. I can't say that I've completely accomplished this yet but I am getting better at keeping my mind busy and not worrying. One more month to wait for my next scan to see what the new lesion in my lung is doing and I have many, many days that I don't even think about it :)

Stay strong,

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You can't help but worry. Hopefully, you won't have to wait long. Sending positive thoughts your way! Karen

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Probably from treatment. Nice that the doc is on top of the potential thyroid issues. Let us hold the concern for the lump. You just keep eating steak.


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I've never heard that area described so well before. YEP there isn't a day goes by I don't look in the mirror and try to discern if the firm spot is any bigger than yesterday. Along with what John said, mouth sores, and various aches and pains up and down the neck and head area. My last scan showed a lump on my thyroid which they did a FNA right there in the office and it came back negative. Between my lungs and thyroid they have now been tracking various bumps and nodules for around 18 long months. Point is, there is always going to be something and most of the time it's not cancer.

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Hang in there! I'll be thinking of you and sending my prayers your way.


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Hi Pam,
I will say your lump is just a lump and wish you the best and only good news regarding it!

Hugs to you!

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Hoping that your lump is just a lump and not anything serious.

My neck is about as hard as oak on my right side.

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Why do you have an OAK on your right side.... I thought you were POPLAR, LOL :)~

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Budump bump! Tssh!

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Good luck Pam. Will be thinking about you and sending positive thoughts for a clear scan!


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Try not to worry.I discovered a lump on the right side of my neck about one year post treatment for NPC.I went to my ENT and he said it was Sialoadenitis.I had a clogged salivary duct that was draining into a salivary gland in my neck.I had to put heat on my neck,hydrate myself better and eat sour foods like lemons and pickles.I know it is hard not to imagine the worst.I regret losing much needed sleep over it.Hopefully it will be some minor issue for you as well.I hope your scans turn out well for you.


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I don’t know how but I missed this post, hope you are doing a lot better now and hope the lump is going down for you.

Keeping you in my prayers

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