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daughter with clear cell carcinoma tumor in uterus

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not sure if this counts as uterine cancer. My now 8yr old daughter just had surgery to remove her uterus, cervix and top of her vaginia. Now they want to do more chemo, we did 4 rounds of chemo prior to surgery to shrink turmor, and raditation within her vaginia. WE are ok with the chemo, she does ok, its the raditation we are worried about. anyone out there have any eperiences they would like to share, good or bad i would like to hear them all. Yes this is a very rare occurance for a girl who was only 7 when we dicovered the tumor. the surgery went well with no complications, and she has recovered wonderfully.
thanks in advance for your help, and information.

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My best wishes to you and your daughter. I am sure you will get some great advice here. I am in shock!!! I can only tell you at this time, that I will pray and pray vigorously for you and your baby. Lots of sisters on this board will help you. Hugs to you and your little girl. June

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I am so terribly sorry for all that your little girl has had to go through. Please know that she will be in my thoughts and prayers. This situation is so shocking that all I can say is that we are here for you. Many warm hugs, Jill

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Sara Zipora
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Your daughter sounds like an amazing fighter, just like her mom! Know that you are not alone, this group is a fountain of strengh and prayers.


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It seems you did everything right - so she should be fine. Radiation freaked me out! I was fine with chemo. I definitely have soreness in hips because of radiation and sometimes stomach problems - but I think that a seven year might actually do better. Her bones are still growing and she'll probably be able to erase any chemo and radiation effects from pure growth and renewal.
Good that you caught it when you did - the treatment sounds thorough and sensible.
Take care!

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I can't imagine you shock and horror with your daughter's diagnosis. I am so sorry you both are having to go through this journey. You both sound so strong. You will remain in my prayers.

I hope we can be a support for you and answer some of the questions you might have. I did have 28 external IMRT treatments, and a 28 hour internal radiation treatment. There was no pain with the external treatments. I did not have bad diarrhea with the treatments. I only took a couple of immodium through out the whole session. The actual treatments only last about 5 minutes, but they have to get you positioned and the machine set up. The first session is the longest to get everything measured.

Good luck. I hope your duaghter continues to do well. In peace and caring.

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Sending hugs...What is her diagnosis exactly? I have never heard of anyone so young getting this...so sad :(

Please stay in touch with the board...let us know how she is doing.

Keeping her in my prayers...Laurie

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My thoughts and prayers for your daughter, you and your family. I am happy to hear she recovered wonderfully from her surgery.

I am sorry, though, I can't help you with the radiation question. I only had brachy radiation. Are they doing pelvic? Or specific area?


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