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Commercial Time

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Hi there.. This morning I am going to film a commercial for the hospital that treats me for rectal cancer. It is one of those public service types of commercials to educate people on colorectal cancer and to support the hopsital. Wish me luck that I do a good job in informing the public. I figure if it gets one person to get checked and avoid this disease it is well worth my nervous jitters this morning. :)

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This is a great opportunity for you to spread awareness. So many people do not know. We appreciate it! Please let us know how it went!


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Way to go Vicki!!

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I'm sure you are going to be superb!

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Good luck Vickie.........Tom

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I hope it goes well, Vicki.

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take a deep breath and go girl!!!

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Hi there... thank you for the support. I just got back. I hope that I gave them really good feedback in order to help others. If I had not blown off the early signs as hemroids or an ucler (which it wasn't) then this would have been caught earlier instead of Stage IV. Again, if it saves even one life then it is worth it to share my story.

It was a fun little adventure for sure. Famous for a day. The nurses and doctors were calling me a celebrity.

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Way to go girl....I'm proud of you for educating!


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