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thaks to everone for your support

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befor i found this support line and the weakness that i am having i felt hopless that i felt like just felt like ending it all i have no support line even my older childred do not act i hear from them when i get my social security my my 13 year old tells all of the time she hates me she told me the other day to leave all of this from my children really hurts i called the cancer society they told me about this line. thank you all for the support. denise

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Hey, I used to teach middle school. Most 13 year olds hate everyone, especially their parents. I am wondering, though, if you might need to consider medication if you haven't already. Ask your doctor for help. Counseling for the whole family is also an option. We welcome you to the board, and there are some wonderful people here with excellent thoughts and caring but it may not be enough. You are welcome to come vent as much as you want and we will be here. Tell us your story. Hugs, Fay

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Denise, it sounds like your older children weren't such good support before cancer became part of your life. Unfortunately, having cancer be a part of one's life is no guarantee that things will be better, people will become closer or lives will be changed for the better.

You will soon discover that if people are not going to be supportive of your during your fight, you don't need them, especially when your SS check arrives. You will need all that money and any other resources you have to support yourself and your thirteen year old.

You've made it this far without their support and you will carry on, I'm sure. Agree about the thirteen year old - they have no real concept of mortality and it sounds like you are being treated like many moms with children that age.

Come back here often, Denise, and let us hear from you.

April, sounds like we need an injection of kick butt about non-supportive individuals in Denise's life - any words of wisdom you want to share?

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