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vitamin D in the news again

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Good health to all,

Heard this on the radio this morning.

More good publicity for vitamin D. search on diabetes babies vitamin D.
Where their is smoke their is fire. they say.

It was suggested on this forum that vitamin d is not backed up by evidence and science for us colorectal.

I quoted 75% reduction in recurrance rate according to research that I accepted.
I am still comfortable with that figure and ask what harm if no documented harm.

The evidence I have read is enough for me. Just search on vitamin D and colorectal cancer.
You can also search on this board and get a range of opinions.

Been posting a bit lately as I will be away for 3 weeks camping in a couple of days.

I wanted to bring to everyones awareness that vitamin clearly has many health benefits, many scientists and doctors see enormous value in it. I am on 10000IU most days, 5000 morning and 5000 evening.

We are all playing the game of life. I have placed many bets down and am still betting.

I am justing explaining the current news and my belief, please make your own mindup and discuss with your doctors and advisors.


Medical experts want all pregnant women tested for vitamin D deficiency with latest research revealing a link between low levels and gestational diabetes.
The research, which was published in the Medical Journal of Australia, found pregnant women with gestational diabetes were likely to have low Vitamin D levels, putting their babies at risk of bone weakness.

Vitamin D has long been associated with bone health, but a growing body of research has found it to be protective against many diseases common in adults, including heart disease and certain cancers.

There are also suggestions that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk for respiratory infection and type 1 diabetes in children.

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Very interesting. I bought a bottle of this smoothie/juice apple, is thick and really tasty. I looked at the side to see what's acutally in it as I felt really energized after drinking this......it has all sorts of good stuff in it, but one ingredient I had never heard of spirulina....so googled it, looks like it has all kinds positives. Gonna buy me another bottle of this....my son is a gym rat, always working out, taking vitamins, careful about what he puts into his body, my juices are disappearing fast as he reads the labels and sees how good they are. I felt crappy last night felt like coming down with something, he recommended I have a glass of that juice!!! Sheesh.

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hi smokeyjoe

its a bit hard to take.
I'll have one now. mine look disgusting.
so it must be good for us.


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Dear Pete,

Thank you very much for your information. We can't buy Vitamin D here... so my mum is taking multi-vitamin, which includes, Vitamin A, B, C, D and E...

Do you think other vitamins are also useful?
Best wishes to your health and family.
Love Dora

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Dear dora,

I posted my ever increasing supplement list along a few weeks ago, its
similar to nana b and lisa .

My priority is vitamin D for recurrence prevention
vitamin B complex for peripheral neuropathy
I do vitamin E because naturopath recommended but I cannot remember the reason.
I do some vitamon c because my kids like the taste.

with vitamin d, I take 10000ui daily, its sounds alot but its not really and a few others here have been precribed similar doses by their naturopaths.

please search and watch utub vitamin d3 videos, some great d3 links I think lisa and a few of us posted months ago here. search our archives vitamin d3.

add to your supplement regime bit by bit. Or see a really good naturopath if that the path you would naturally follow. ha!ha!

Just as you are looking after your mum, remember to look after yourself as well. I think my wife is the healthiest she has ever been, and the kids are not far behind her either.

you can buy lots of these supplements on the net, but I have not. I get mine face to fqce from the naturopath. I get excellent after sales support, with all my questions and it does not cost me alot more.

please rely on your own investigations and advice from your medical team and other advisers.

Obviously I believe in what I am doing and that it will help give me the best chance of a long good quality life.


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Pete, in this smoothie apple drink you wouldn't even know it's in there, it's apple flavour, with kiwi, banana, and other things, but all you really taste is the apple, so delicious, green looks disgusting when you pour it in a glass, but soooo tasty!!

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does not sound to bad
thanks smokeyjoe

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Have a good break

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Nana b
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If you PM your address, I will mail you some Vitamin D3.

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