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cb girl
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After waiting for nine days for my husband's air leak to resolve on it's own the surgeon has decided we need to go in and fix it. The initial surgery was March 25th and we've been here ever since. The leak has not improved and may have gotten bigger, at least from what they gather from the bubbling drains. Sometime tomorrow will be the surgery-he was added on to the schedule so no telling what time. It is possible that he will have to remain on the ventilator after surgery and that scares the living you know what out of me. The surgery is about 2hrs, but my husband hasn't followed any of the time lines they've given him so far, so I figure 4 hrs :-) what can I expect if he does come out of surgery with a ventilator? I haven't felt this kind of afraid since this entire misadventure started a year ago. Any and all words of encouragement are needed. Thanks

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Sorry I can't really answer any of your questons but I just want you to know I will be thinking and praying for you. Best of luck

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luz del lago
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Sending a hug and prayers your way.


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