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Brain, Liver, Colon, Lung, and Adrenal gland Melanoma

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My husand has been diagnosed with brain, liver, lung, colon,& right adrenal gland melanoma cancer. They have said 6-8 weeks to survive if treatment didnt work and only maybe 6 months if it does. We are Christians and believe in miracles.

It all started from a mole on his back. He had it removed in 2007 and a few lymph nodes under his arm. All was well, we thought, until my husband started feeling bad about a month ago. He was gagging in the morning like he had post nasal drip. He felt crummy overall. He then got a pain in is lower right belly. We thought a appendicitis. We went to the Dr. and they did a series of CAT/PET/MRI scans. I cant remember in what order when.. Anyways, they then told use that he had all this extensive cancer throughout the body. They thought the brain should be addressed first. He had 10 treatments of WBRT (whole brain radiation therapy. He was sent for concult with renowned cancer specialist Dr. Thompson from SCCA, UofW, and Fred Hutchinson. He does clinical trial studies. At our appt. they gave us 3 options that they can try IF the biopsy of his liver shows a mutation needed to qualify for the study. BRAF and MEK may play a role. Here is a few links regarding it.




As of now my husband has lost 35 pounds in a month, has loss of appetite and loss of his hair. We shaved his head and he looks cute :)

Dr. says to expect him to get sleepier from liver cancer. Most days he is alert and oriented showing no ill effects from WBRT. No memory loss or confusion. He keeps his spirits up and is always worried about everyone else. He is a truly remarkable person. He has the kick some *** and take some names attitude about trying to fight this cancer.

I am so scared. I am blessed to have amazing family and friends for support during this.
I love my husband so much and never want him to be in pain. I pray for God's mercy upon him. He is truly a wonderful person.

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I forgot to say that he was hospitalized for one week and that after we weree home dexamethasone had his bloodsugar in the 400's. they are weening him off of it now and his bloodsugar is around 200 now... getting better.. he may actually be a diabetic now too !!!!

Also I didnt say that he had had a seizure a few weeks prior of finding out about his cancer. He doesnt remember any of it.

PBJ Austin
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I'm glad you have joined this forum. I joined in March 2009 when my beautiful young sister was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 25. I became more active in the lung cancer forum when I had a lung cancer scare myself. Thankfully it turned out to be a bad lung infection but it did require major surgery. The people here have been so good and helpful to me and you have come to the right place.

BTW you and I have met before, in cyberspace that is. In case you haven't recognized me yet, I am a regular poster on Fodors. When I saw your screen name here I looked you up on Fodors and I found your thread about your husband. I had missed that thread as I was out of town when it happened but I will post a reply on Fodors now.

You and everyone else on this board are definitely in my prayers.

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Welcome to the boards.

I am so very sorry to hear that your beloved husband is going through all of this right now; you too.

By any chance, have you obtained a 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinion about your husband's prognosis, care and treatment? The only reason I ask is that when doctors start giving time limits on patients, sometimes the patients can feel like they should "observe" that time line. Please don't listen when a doctor tells you that he only has so long to live. No one truly knows. I'm not trying to offer false hope, but just to be wary about time limits.

Your husband is very lucky to have someone like you to look after him and to love him the way that you do. He may not realize it, but he is truly Blessed.

I wish you both well and I hope that he is comfortable and that you are getting the care and support that you need as his caregiver.


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right.. I agree with palmyfran don't believe what the doctors tell you about your hubby's remaining time, THEY ARE NOT GODS. there's only one who knows when someone will have his time and that is our lord God.

There are so many treatment options available right now, Go for a 2nd, 3rd or more opinions.

I'll include you and your hubby in my prayers.


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I understand exactly the animal you are fighting... although my husband found his tumor last Father's Day, they never found his primary. Right after Christmas a second tumor was found in his brain. Gamma knife in February and 2 more lesions were growing by March. WBR was just finished and now we wait for more tests... PET, CT in a few weeks. My husband has trouble with his memory, reading, thought process due to where the tumors were located and swelling.

This disease is mad... And everything I learn about it does not help. I know way more than I should.

Peace to you and your family.
lovingwife, to Bob, stage 4 melanoma

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