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Lung fibrosis

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Anyone else have fibrosis in lungs from RAI? Breathing is very difficult especially with any activity. Need 3-4 litters of O2 when just sitting. If up and moving need 4+. Looking for any suggestions on improving breathing. Doctors have on 80mg of steroids. No luck yet. .

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I have a mestastasis to my lungs which is still growing. I know the problem with breathing. I'm suppose to be on 4 liters around the clock. Unfortunately, my concentrater is in the back of my house and I can't always go back there and use it. My portables keep running out and the oxygen company I'm with does not refill my orders when I call them in. However, when I'm sitting around or moving without my oxygen, I breathe in deep breaths to get more air. Good luck and God bless.


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