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# 12 tx coming up this week and hopefully my last

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Looking forward for a chemo break atleast for the summer. Will have my scan in a few weeks too. I would like to continue my zumba class and enjoy some other activities that I couldn't do. I also want to take a vacation where it is warm and just forget about my cancer for a while. Well, wish me luck here I go again...val

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Here's hoping your scan is clear and that your hair grows back FAST!

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a lot of luck and a warm and happy summer.


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Good luck! Hope you have a great summer!

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Enjoy the break,the warmth and the new hair.
with lots of love
Michelle x

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Wishing you luck , go and enjoy the sunshine and forget the beast!!! Everyone here is very much into zumba, they all talk about it on Facebook. Keep zumbering!!!!

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I live in western ney york too and am looking forward to a wonderful hot summer !

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