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Long term survivors of stage 3 uterine cancer.

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Hi, are there any long term survivors of uterine cancer stage 3 out there? I guess I'm looking for something to shoot for and hope for. Some relatives, when they heard I was stage 3 have already begun to act like I was not long for this world. I had a davinci assisted total hysterectomy on 3-28, noting an unexpected spread to the right ovary. We had been told this was just a cyst. The actual cancer in the uterus was small, almost superficial, but the one on the ovary was not small. Told I will have chemo and radiation. I go back on the 7th of April for the path report and to get an attack plan to fight this. I will not lay down and die for anyone without a heck of a fight.

Thanks for listening.

Deb 4417

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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and surgery...you've come to a wonderful place for support.

I was diagnosed with stage 3C MMMT (very aggressive cancer) 2-09, after having chemo and radiation, today I find myself NED (no evidence of disease). I do take measures to help my body fight any toxins, etc,with proper diet, exercise and mind/body techniques to curb the stress overflow. This is our only control, in my mind.

So much of our success over disease, is in our minds. Keep positive and know the statistics are just numbers and not to be believed always.

*****WE'RE A STATISTIC OF ONE***** (on my oncologist's office wall).

Best to you and keep the faith as so many others on these boards are past the 5 year mark with no cancer...you can too, but you must believe it!!


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August 2007. Stage 3/4 uterine carcino-sarcoma [as above, aggressive cancer] as it had gone through uterus to lymph glands and bladder. Am fine and intend to stay that way. You have a hiccup in life that you are determined is not going to slow you down in any way. Stay positive.

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I'm not sure what counts as "long term," but I'm closing in on my three year anniversary of my surgery on May 21, 2008, when I was diagnosed with stage 3c endometrial adenocarcinoma. I finished treatment (6 rounds carbo/taxotere; 26 external radiation; 1 brachytherapy) in Dec. 2008. I've had some scares since then and some lingering health issues, but moving forward and doing well!

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I was diagnosed with stage 3 and spread to aorta lymph nodes Feb 2010. I had surgery, chemo and radiation. Last chemo Nov 2010.

There is a member on these boards, who is doing well, and was diagnosed in 1999!
Her user name is Moekay.

Good luck, you will get thru this. You can do it!

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Cleo, thank you for your reply. I was diagnosed with uterine carcino-sarcoma, stage 4, in November of 2009. I rarely, if ever, hear of anyone else with the same diagnosis and often wonder if I have a chance...your answer gave me hope, and such a sense of relief that I am not alone and that maybe I can get to the place you are someday. Continued good health to you and thank you for making such a huge difference for me!

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Have sent you a private message

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Am so happy for you and impressed that you've survived nearly four years now after such a diagnosis and, it appears, will survive for many more.

Can you share anything about your treatment (or diet?) that might have helped you?


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Thanks to ALL who posted replies. I intend to fight this, and to also be a statistic of one!!!


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Hi Debbie,

I was diagnosed with Endometrial Adenocarcinoma, State 2/3, Grade 3A in June 2008. Did radiation and finished chemo Dec 31, 2008. Have been NED (no evidence of disease) ever since!

Know you are up for the challenge. Surround yourself with positive people, eat healthy and exercise....you can do this!

Hugs, Karen

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Hey Deb,
I was diagnosed 12/2005 with Endometrial Adenocarcinoma - Stage 3A. (Which means I just passed that 5 year anniversary) I was such a wreck, they had to take my 'case' to a big meeting/seminar to decide if it was ovarian or uterine! I also had a couple of huge fibroids, and years of unknown endometriosis had many areas/organs in my midsection attached together from all that scarring. The actual disease was in my uterus and up in both ovaries; the left being 20cm large and was so nasty it actually ruptured in surgery.

The only fuzzy memory I have right after waking in the hospital, was my wonderful doctor telling me what he had found; and in his extremely professional and highly educated voice, said "You were a mess". No kidding!
When I went to the hospital, all I felt was that I was exactly where I needed to be; I was so ready and never thought twice about getting it done - and when they finally were able to wake me, I felt only a huge amount of relief at getting all that nasty disease out of me, so I could get on with my life!

I went through 6 sessions of aggressive chemo--no radiation, and a year ago I told my Doc I was going to be one of his miracles - he said, you already are.
I am lucky to be alive.

Be strong - do what they tell you to do through treatment - and look ahead!

We have no expiration date!

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It's so wonderful to hear from someone who has bucked the stats and is living large! Thanks so much for checking in with your good news.

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It's wonderful to hear from ladies who have triumphed over this dreadful disease. You give us beacons of light to head towards during the "down" days of treatment and recovery.
As you say - we have no expiration date!

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Hi Deb,

I was given a dx of stage 3 uterine cancer in 10/10- Went through rad/chemo and then on to complete hysterectomy. I have my first follow up PET Scan in June to see if anything is growing. Rember,fear is normal but knowledge will combat fear. Keep looking across the bridge of cancer to the other side. You can get through this!!!!

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Hang in...

Dx September 2009 with Stage 3C/Grade 2 Endometrial Adenocarcinoma...

Hysterectomy via DaVinci October 2009, 8.5 weeks External Radiation/Brachytherapy, 6 rounds Cisplatin/Carbo Taxol...

Currently NED...


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I had my surgery last May. On the day I was being discharged & thinking everything was fine, my doctor said the staging came back & I was 3C! I was shattered, to say the least. I saw an oncologist3 times as I was recuperating from the surgery-had the Ct scan-which was inconclusive. She wanted to treat me aggressively, w/6 doses of chemo, then a few weeks of daily radiation. Well, I read everything I could get my hands on & I mean everything, for hours a day, then perusing this board also. I decided wrecking my body & destroying my immune system to chase something they couldn't even place would not benefit me. So, it's almost a year-I'm back at my very physical job, riding my horses & thouroughly enjoying every beautiful day. I feel great. Granted, it was a grade 1 cancer,but this past year has been good for me & I'm comfortable w/my decision. I watched a neighbor that was treated aggressively-they didn't really tell her the truth & she wasted away in a convalescent hospital over the course of a year, much of it w/a feeding tube. It was not a pleasant thing to watch or to have happen to any human being.Just a tale from a rebel to following orders that make no sense.

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I HAD stage IIB grade 3 uterine with sqamous cells on the cervix/6 weeks radiation w/ chemo once a week. THE GOOD PART......5 years ago. My doc said I was as cured as he can get me PAPs 1 x a year. Big bump in the road but you will make it and do just fine.
Keep coming back. Marsha

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I was diagnosed in January with Stage 4 endometrial cancer. Don't think that your diagnosis is a death sentence. It IS beatable, but you have to believe that you can and that you will. My cancer surgery involved all my female organs, part of my colon and later they found spots on my lungs. Three rounds of chemotherapy has me about 80% of the way there, according to my oncologist.

I thought my Stage 4 diagnosis was the end, until a close friend who was in the hospital with Stage 4 lymphoma at the time convinced me that I had enough "fire in the belly" to fight and win. I intend to!

I will be glad to be a support for you. But tell the crabby cathies in your life to butt out. Surround your self with positive people and pray like crazy! That's what's gotten me this far. I'm like you. I am not going to lay down and die without one heck of a fight.


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Hi Deb,

My name is Kyle and I was dx with stage 3 uterine ca in Aug 2010. Needless to sat my world was ROCKED! In Sept 2010 I had a Raditical hysterectomy and a sm bowel resection due to a cyst on my bowel. Nov of 2010 I started Chemo carboplaton/taxol, I went once every three weeks. the day after each treatment I would go for an injection called Neulesta which is for the white blood cells. Chemo wasn't horriable no nauesa/vomiting(THANK GOD)due to anti nauesa shots. the side affects were just like a bad flu. After Chemo I had a slight repreve and then started raditiation M-F (25 rounds) this Tues is my last one !
On April 20th I had a ct scan and found out on the 26th there was no evidence of diease !
I will be having three extra rounds of Brachy radition(INTERNAL) then I'm told another scan in about three months. I have stayed positive,prayed and turned to friends and family
and I am winning this fight! YOU WILL WIN TOO !
I'm still scared to death but on brief moments at a time. NEVER LOOSE HOPE !
we are all here for you !

Stay strong ! Kyle (Age 44)

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