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hanging on

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Hey guys. I'm still eating and drinking. I have an appetite and a sense of humor and direction. My mental capacity is down but hard to gauge by how much. Fatigue is very high. Which leads me to the reason for this post. My schedule is simply to hectic for me to maintain reliable contact here. I will continue to post but inconsistently. I will do more on facebook. I hope my CSN friends will pass along any news

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Hang there!.
Huge hug my friend!

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Dear John,

I'm delighted to see your post and really happy to see you are hanging on. Keep up the good spirit and be happy!

I will continue to pray for you.
Love Dora

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Thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

We (any of us on csn on your facebook) will post anything you want us too.

Love & Hugsss

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Hi John,

Its just so good to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hang on my friend and enjoy your family and friends.

I am glad you got your sense of humour, it would be sad to loose it.

hugs and love,


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How wonderful to hear from you! Thanks so much for posting. I am thinking of you often.

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Hello John,

I'm so glad to read your post this morning- I've really been thinking a lot about you and have been wondering what your sitution was most recently.
You take care and enjoy your family-

Hugs to you,

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I was just talking with my husband about you last night, wondering how you were doing, thinking about you. Keep up the humor. Love to you.
Winter Marie

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It's good to read your post John. Hugs to you and your family! I hope you are not having any pain and having some special family and loved one times. Can you tell me please how to look for you on facefbook? And for anyone that wants to find me there its Gail Bellisch.

Hugs and love, Gail

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I think of you and your family daily. You're in my prayers. I love that you have your sense of humor. I hope joy enters your life every day.


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Im sure that your family relishes the strength you have in your fight, and it is sure good to see you posting...You are the ultimate warrior in this journey...stay the course my friend............love to you and yours, buzz

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Nana b
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I salute you!

Keep on fighting no matter what. If we have to go, we have to go, but not without a fight! The flowers are stating to bloom, focus on them and the beauty of home and nature! That is where we come from!

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We'll certainly keep people here up on what's going on with you. I'm so glad to hear from you and to know that you're still hanging on. *smiles* I'm praying you have so many more good days with your family and friends.


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Way to go John!!!

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I too think of you daily....maybe 1000 times daily

do well my dear friend...


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...with all that has been said:)

Good to see you, John!


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Oh John: I am so happy to hear from you. Too bad I don't have facebook account...then I just hope some others will post about you sometimes. I miss you a lot! I hope you are doing somewhat okay. It is a good sign that you are still eating and drinking! It makes me happy because then I know you are all right! When you have the chance, please come back and let us (especially those of us who doesn't have facebook accounts) know how you are! Take care and enjoy the spring!

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I'm glad you are hanging on.I will keep praying for you.

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good to hear that you are hanging in there you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers


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Take care of you, do what is best for you... you are in my prayers. Joyce

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Glad to hear from you John! I think about you all the time. I'm also glad you're eating. i assume this means you're feeling better?

Will be looking forward to more posts!

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Good to see you, John. continuing to hold you in the Light for miracles, strength, comfort, and hope.

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Good to hear from you! Holding you close in my heart.

love, Leslie

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Thinking of you so often John. So good to hear from you. You and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

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God bless, hold your family close. Petrina

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Joined: Mar 2009

God bless, hold your family close. Petrina

mommyof2kds's picture
Posts: 522
Joined: Mar 2009

God bless, hold your family close. Petrina

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