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Update - PET scan results

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I promised to reply about trying to get an early visit with my husband's doctor for interpretation of his PET scan done three weeks ago.

Well....I didn't get an appointment. We decided to just wait it out! The nurse practioner that we saw yesterday before John's tenth chemo treatment was sufficient and so informative that we decided to let things remain 'as is' until we see his Oncologist in two weeks.

She compared his scan done in September.... (in my layman's terms) multiple 'light ups' from neck to pelvis to the one done March 11th... NOTHING 'lit up'.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my earlier post. If there is anything new, I'll request again from you helpful folks. Oh yes, I do need advice. Is there some way I can keep from having to log on everytime? I never 'log out'. ~ Joyce

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Hi Joyce,
I don't know the answer to your "log in" question. When I get on, I just type my username in and then my password automatically fills in on it's own. I'm not computer savy, so maybe someone else can answer this question for you. I'll keep your husband in my prayers.
Best wishes...Love..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Happy remission........Michele

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