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Cancer of the Tongue

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There is a friend who after fighting 6 1/2 years, has begun to go down hill. His tongue
cancer is now appearing in the neck/throat area as dermicil nodules (one about the size of
a golf ball). He has begun to be extremely tired, sleeping a lot while at home. Does
anyone have any clues/advice as to what the family can now expect? He is taking pain pills
at night.

His oncologist is scheduling yet another trial study to start next week. They, however
have not given results of last weeks scans, will do labs when he goes in next week.

His friends and family are just wondering what to expect and how to help him through
this as much as they can.

Any advise appreciated.

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Pam M
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Very sorry to hear that things are going badly for your friend. I don't have any advice to offer - I don't even know what a dermicil nodule is - something related to the skin? If that's the case, I do know that we have at least one person on this board (caregiver) who has seen something like it) - hopefully they'll see your post soon.

Hoping the study your friend starts next week helps him rebound.

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