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liposarcoma recovery time

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In November 2010 I was diagnosed with a large liposarcoma in my left thigh. I had 5 weeks of radiation and then 5 weeks post radiation I had surgery to remove the large sarcoma. I am 6 weeks post op and am having lots of complications...still have a drain in...lots of swelling and pain...can anyone tell me if you have had similar problems and how long your recovery time was for a similar cancer/surgery. Thanks

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did your leg get any better?

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I had liposarcoma excision surgery last March with radiation the month before. Aside from other complications, I had swelling of my left leg that wasn't going away. My doctor sent me to a lymphedema therapist. This is an area that most doctors ignore.
My swelling went down over a month period of treatment. It has to do with the lymph system not working properly. This could have been caused by the radiation or the shock of the surgery OR a lymph node removed (which wasn't my case).
This is not a one time fix. As a male I make a lot of fun of the compressive stocking that I have to wear daily until I push daisies. Also some night time wrapping of my leg. It is a life altering exercise, but you grow used to it.
IF you still have any swelling still, you should have this checked out.

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