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2nd radiation day and already burns. please help

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I got my second radiation treatment and I already feel like I have a sunburn. My Dr told it would not start until I had about a week to go. They have not even done the teaching on what to use and will not until Friday. any info on what your dr told you to use or NOT use would be helpful. I heard about domeboro from someone on here but do you use that when you have open wounds or just at the first sign of redness and start of the burn? Thanks :)

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I am surprised that you already feel this way. I didn't start feeling anything until the 3rd or 4th week. So sorry.

You need to use what your own rads oncologist says to use. When you go tomorrow for your treatment, insist on talking to him and getting something. Do not wait.

I used Aquaphor, a lot of it, to keep my skin moist and it worked great. I also used a prescription of Biafine for the dark pink that I got. It is for burns. I never burnt, just got close I think.

Be gentle with your skin, and, get lots of rest.

But, the main thing is to get some creams on your skin and now.

Let us know what your rads oncologist says.

Hugs, Diane

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I bought 100% aloe gel from CVS and put it on several times a day. I used a Nuetrogena moisturizing body wash in the shower and only wore "Barely There" bras that I bought at Khols. I only wore cotten t shirts to sleep instead of my regular jammie tops.

I think everyone is different and some of us are more sensitive to radiation than others. I never needed the prescription creme but don't wait till it's bad to ask for it if you are seeing burns so soon. It will be over before you know it.


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Yes, get some creams on your skin today. Your rads oncologist should have some suggestions and recommendations for you to use. Just don't wait any longer. I also used Aquaphor the day I started rads and used it for a few weeks even after I finished. I also tried Aloe Vera and put it in the frig to get it cold when I felt like I needed to be cooled off. The Aquaphor is greasy and will stain anything you wear, so, wear something old and that you can wash in hot water. But, it will come off when you shower or bathe. It won't stay on your skin if you clean up.

I didn't wear any bra as I didn't want anything rubbing against the area.

But, do get some creams!


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MY cancer ctr gave me many tubes/samples of some cream..I can't remember the name of it. I was very fortunate and did not have any burning...I wish I had some advice...but I am sure you'll get much from the other ladies here...

I"ll be thinking of you..


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Cream, Cream, and more Creams. So sorry you are burning already. I used Aquaphor as well, it was given to me by my rad. onc. Please talk to them before your next rad., you need to get a plan of action soon. Big Hugs!!
Miles of Love,

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I used a cream that was recommended by my Rad. Oncologist. One thing they had available were mediplex pads. They helped immensely helpful, see if your Oncologist has anything like this. Also, I laid in front of a fan with my bra, and shirt off, this helped, but the drying of the sores would hurt alot. I wish you the best, Mary

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I am surprised you feel anything already but we're all different..I didn't even turn pink until the end of the third week..my radiation oncologist gave me RadiaPlex to use...I carried it in my purse and applied it as soon as each treatment was over and reapplied it three more times daily.. I know many here used Aquafor...I was told NOT to use that until after the 33 treatments were over as it is petroleum based and it can interfere with the radiation...and to never put anything on within 4 hours of a treatment. And I was given deodorant that did NOT contain aluminum...I used Dove for sensitive skin soap...also recommended. While showering I put a soft washcloth over my boob so the water wouldn't hit it directly.
Start your creams now...be religious with them. No underwire bras either...I never burned, turned very very red at the end of the 7 boosters.

Hoping things go well for you!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I was pink/red on my first day too. But I have completed 44 rounds and still only have redness and a rash, no open wounds. My last treatment was on March 23.

I went twice a day, so here's my daily routine. Shower in the am, I used Dove soap and no washcloth. Apply nothing before treatment. Immediately after treatment in the dressing room apply pure aloe, I got it at a natural foods store. When I got home I liberally applied Eucerin daily replenishing lotion, repeat in a couple hours. Shower again (I had to be clean for 2nd daily rads) but only clean the effected area, again no washcloth. Repeat the aloe and Eucerin lotion till evening. In the evening I layered on lots of Aquaphor, it stayed on all night. It's heavy like vaseline, so it will stain your clothes.

Because I drove alot, I put a small pillow on my shoulder under the seat belt. I didn't want the seat belt to rub. Also be careful of necklaces, scarfs, anything on your skin, they can be irritating. I only wore soft cotton t-shirts.

For the rash, I was given a sample of 2% lidocaine cream. I was also told I could use orajel.

Like others have said, insist on talking with your rads onc or a nurse about skin care at today's treatment. Be sure they look at your skin. Be sure you know how far to go with the creams, how far up the neck? around the side to the back? how far down your tummy? Some areas that are getting rads now might not be red yet.

The redness might be appearing early for you if they are using a bolis (sp?). It's a material that pulls the radiation toward the skin. Mine was like a clear jelly blanket.

I hope this helps.



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I burned bad - at the end/after Rads.

Domeboro soaks are what finally healed me. I didn't use it til weeks after last Rad and burns were still very bad - it was my RAD DR who told me to try it. (I'm allergic to Sulfa drugs so the meds he'd like to have used, Silvadene/Sulfadene, were out of the question.) Yes the entire area that was radiated was still open (or at least most of it) and was quite deep in some areas - far past a bad 'sunburn' (have "good" scars in almost all of the area). My PA was about to send me to a burn unit when it finally started working.

DO NOT DO DOMEBORO WITHOUT CHECKING WITH YOUR DR! They are very drying and would not be suitable for early on issues probably.

Good Luck!


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My rad onco gave me samples of Miaderm and of Biafine to use. I preferred the Biafine. I was sunburned on my shoulders when I started rads, and the dr told me to use the Biafine on my sunburn. The cream is made in France, and she said they use it for sunburn there.

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to hear that you're burning already! I didn't have aproblem until the end of the fourth week. The Dr. gave me creams to use so insist on talking to the doctor or one of the nurses, they can give you good advice too. I used ExClair because I was alergic to the hydro-cortisone, it made me redder and itchier. The doc also said I could use Neosporin plus pain relief and that has helped a lot. I strongly suggest you get some men's cotton undershirts and wear them inside-out. They protect your clothes from the creams etc. and are nice and soft against your skin. Go for crew neck rather than V. I got v-neck at first thinking I could wear them under more things but the v iritated the spot in the center of my chest. Count down the days! Eventually it will come to an end. I just finished yesterday (Wednesday).

Prayers for comfort!

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I am also sorry that you're having problems with radiation. I know that all the posts have suggested creams, but my doctor goes the opposite route. On my first visit, he gave me a sample of baby powder with cornstarch. He told me to put it on liberally 3 to 4 times a day. He also had me use it as a deoderant. The idea was that if you keep the area dry, it wouldn't burn or get sores. It worked wonderfully for me. At the end, I got a little pink when they did the directed radiation, but I didn't have to go get anything special to treat it. Just goes to prove that different things work for different people.

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I have never heard that...I did not use deodorant for long time..once i started my sis had given me all natural type from health food store..


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I wasn't told that either - I was told that the skin needs to be kept moistureized to keep it healthy. Once there are severe burns then use something to dry the open areas but not before there are severe (far past being a bad sunburn but open oozing lesions) burns.

Posts: 6564
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I have never heard that...I did not use deodorant for long time..once i started my sis had given me all natural type from health food store..


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