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I just got my first bill for the R maint and was shocked to see that it costs almost the same as my CVP-R treatments. $13,249.80 for my Feb 14th lab work, onc visit and R-infusion. I don't have my deductible met for 2011 yet, so I got socked with a $927.00 co-pay amount...(patient responsiblity). Well, I guess the one good thing....from here on for 2011 I'll just have my $25.00 co-pay, because my yearly deductible will "definetely" be met!!! Just think about the millions of people being treated for cancer and the amount of money being paid for treatments. Blows the mind!!!! I'm gonna need a good stiff drink before I write my check out...ha!
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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It's always a shock to see what Rituxan costs. I think it's around 18,000 when I get mine R as I use the hospitals out patient oncologyunit. I know my onc's office costs less but prefer the oncology unit.

On our insurance we have a yearly deductable, for us $500 and than 80/20 pymts until our out of pocket expenses reach a certain amount. Than our insurance picks up the rest. I actually met the out of pocket max for 2010 on the first work day in January. Had my RCHOP to the tune of $25,ooo. Yes, insurance, medical care and cancer is big business.


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Hey Guys,
I got my bill for the Neulasta shot and it was 13,000. That was $13,000 times 6 guys. I have not got my R bill yet. Yes sir its a real money maker. It really make you think if thats good or not,ya know what I mean? John

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Holy cow. My rituxan was 5600.00 and I just have 60.00 copay.

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I know Beth...I was thinking the same thing...why the difference when it's still the same drug??? I think(?) it has to do with the different insurance plans. My yearly deductible is $1,500.00. Once it is met then my insurance pays 90% and I pay the remaining 10%. All prescriptions are $10.00, unless of course they cost less, then it costs whatever the cost is under $10.00. I don't know...it just blows my mind. I'm just grateful I HAVE insurance. $495.00 a month for Steve to carry me on his insurance, so we still pay no matter what. Oh well..it is, what it is, as they say!...Love..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Why find a cure when they can profit from our loss.My hubby says he is retiring at 62 next year.I'm so worried where we will land in this mess of paperwork.Just not fair we shouldn't need to deal with this crap on top of everything else.Where's the cure!!!Michele

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