Anyone have experience with lung cancer metastasized to the brain?

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My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 weeks ago then last week they found 2 spots in her brain. She is currently taking dexametnason (which she hates). She starts whole brain radiation on Thursday for 15 days then sometime in early April will start chemo for the lung cancer. She is just 72 years old. We have been told this is terminal that at most she has maybe 1 year to 14 months. I am devastated and so afraid that she is going to suffer. Has anyone gone through this or had a loved one go through it? If so, can you tell me what to expect? I know that everyone is different but I would like an idea of what is coming. Thanks so much.


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    Common thing
    So sorry to hear about your mom. My husband was diagnosed last year in January with lung cancer. He also had lesions in his brain & fractures in his spine. They say it's common with lung cancer to have this happen. He had radiation treatments for 10 days which greatly reduced the lesions. But then he started chemo, one of which was AVASTIN and only had 1 treatment with 3 chemos. He started coughing up blood, so the next treatment was without the Avastin. It was too late though and he died on March 25th after he hemmorraged which was a RARE side effect from the Avastin. The radation did help so good luck to your mom. Hope she does good! Please keep us informed. I'll say a prayer for her.