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update on "Mark not eating"

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Hello all,

Just to let you know I had to call the ambulance yesterday. Mark hasn't eaten in a few days and being a diabetic is not good. Right now he is in intensive care unit at the hospital. Doctors said that he has DKA which is short for Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Google or Bing DKA and you will find the explanation.

He is slowly recovering from this. He should be back home by the end of the week. The really sucky part about this whole thing is that I can't be with him, I have to work. Someone has to bring in some sort of income since his SSDI won't start until September.

So for now radiation treatments for his jaw and tummy tumors are on hold.

Thanks for listening! ~Kelly

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Kelly
Thinking and praying for you both. He is in the right place. They will take care of him, and then you can face the journey with cancer once again. My mom is diabetic, so I know all about that disease as well! We can relate with diabetes and cancer. Lean on me and us anytime.
Tina in Va

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Glenna M
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Kelly, so sorry to hear that Mark ended up in the hospital but as Tina said, it's the best place for him right now.

Will keep you and Mark in my prayers.

Stay strong,

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He is where he needs to be. I know its tough having to work and try to be there for him, but as you said, you need income. Very few families have the luxury of not working during a prolonged illness.

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You all are right. He is where he should be at this time. I don't have the power or the equipment to help him right now. I go see him everynight after work (I work 10 hours a day and drive an hour each way to/from the house). I only get to stay for a short time because he is now in a regular room with the regular visiting hours that end at 8 pm. My only issue is that the house is soo empty, dark and quiet. I have his "spot" all ready for him when he comes home. All cleaned and put a nice sheet on it with a fluffy pillow. His "spot" is the couch facing the big screen. Which I have no problem with at all. I am sure if he slept in our bed (waterbed I might add) he would get very nausau's (sp?). I miss him not being there but when he is home at least he is home and I am not alone. I do have my puppies to keep me company for the time he is away. Then when he gets home they keep him company.

I will let you all know when he gets home.

Thanks for listening! ~Kelly

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