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I am new need advice

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I was just diagnosed with nodules follicular lesions with hurtle cells ...i have a paralyzed vocal cord on my left side but most of the nodules are on the right side...said if they removed the thyroid and damage my other vocal cord when they remove the thyroid i would have to wear a trach the rest of my life...has this happened to anyone?

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My left vocal cord was also paralyzed. (Turns out it was not due to the cancer, but a virus). I had a total thyroidectomy. After removing my thyroid, the surgeon injected a filler (radiesse ?) behind the left vocal cord. I now have my strong speaking voice back (before surgery my voice was very hoarse). I knew there were risks involved, but I knew that the cancer needed to be removed. My only advice would be to make sure that your surgeon is very experienced in this type of surgery. Take care~

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There is also something called ... I think ... electronic nerve induction. This helps the surgeon make sure he doesn't damage the nerves leading to the vocal cords. According to the surgeon who did mine, it is now standard in most hospitals. But make sure! Ask!

I also fully agree with @CherylMike, ask the surgeon how many times he's performed the surgery.

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The surgeon who did both operations to remove my thyroid made sure that both sides of vocal cords were working prior to and after each surgery

She told me that it is possible to temporally or permanently damage them if they get too close to them in the surgery so it was a possible complication

I didn’t have any problems with them but if your thyroid is wrapped around your vocal cords they either have to risk irritating or damaging the vocal cords and thereby temp or perm paralyzing them ... or not take that part of the thyroid tissue and then you will need a MUCH BIGGER dose of RAI to kill the remaining tissue.

they may also try to do a RAI treatment and some other things to try to shrink the thyroid tissue prior to surgery as well.

It sounds like to me its just a posible complication... Did they give you any % chance this could happen.

definatly ask lots more questions


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