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Alcohol Cleaning Pads

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Did anyoine else read this article:

Triad Alcohol and Iodine cleaning pads have bacterial infections. Yes, you read that correctly the pads we use to keep things clean have a bacterial virus in them.

Best Always, mike

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Will be reading.......

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World is not the same any more!

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Think in the future this will be another site I'll check more often as I had been unaware of it til a few hours ago and now you post another item from same site...thanks for info.....steve

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Got a call and then a letter from Medco regarding the alcohol wipes, so got rid of all the boxes, just in case. Fortunately Medco is pretty good about notifying patients about various recalls. Had a Digitek recall once and they were on top of that one.

I think the worst one we've had is the defective Sprint Fidelis leads that attach my husband's pacemaker/defibrillator to his heart. No big problem. The leads were fracturing and shocking people to death! Had to show the recall to the heart doctor. The doctor tried to play innocent on that one, but he did replace the leads. Just couldn't remove the old ones beacause they are grown into the tissue now.

Rambling Now,



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"No big problem. The leads were fracturing and shocking people to death!"

No big problem for me either; I don't have one.

Good show!

(better health!)


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it was here that I first learned of this situation.

If any of you reading this take Citalopram , 10mg ((100-count bottle) or Finasteride 5mg (90-count bottle)......possible mislabelling problem involving lot # F10510058-A

Just checked my bottle of the latter-no lot on CVS container.....maybe I'll call their pharmacy thoI get 30 pills at a time.....

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was gonna sing a song here instead but don't want to add to anyone's pain......

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