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waitng game continues!!!

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Hi all,

I had my 2nd colonoscopy done last Tuesday. Doctor stated he did not find any malignancy on the specimen he biopsied but still thinks it could be cancer by what he saw. He went ahead and took out the tumor because of the size (golf ball)which was not his initial plan and will have results for me on Wednesday when I see him. I never imagined uncertainty could be this rough!!!


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You are right; waiting is not fun. Best of luck with the results.

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I'm sure everything is going to go well!

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We never get used to waiting and at least in my case with two bouts with cancer they always say they will call with test results but never did. I am surpised that he took out your polyp ( I refuse to say cancer until the pathology report). I would think he would leave it where it was and mark it with ink for easy location if he thought it was cancer. Hopefully, just a big benign polyp and no cancer. Best of luck Lou

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That was his initial plan, take it out if benign, leave it in and come back later if malignant but he stated he felt it was to big so he went ahead and removed it. I'm left with just waiting and praying now.



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these are two of the toughest things.

Sending best wishes and thoughts your way that all is good.

Please let us know the results.

Marie who loves kitties

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