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Low body temperature

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Mum has got a low body temperature, what does this mean ? She has had one infusion of doxil, 3.5 weeks ago, she is now gong to the hospital :(

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Joined: Oct 2010

Mum has an infection , they believe it is in her tummy, she will be in hospital over night now having antibiotics and saline.
Please pray for her.

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My thoughts and prayers are going out to your Mom.....I am sure the antibiotics will clear the infection up....Keep us posted...

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Oh, if it isn't one thing, it's another. Your poor mother, what I fighter she is! My mother finished her chemo for recurrance, and now her blood pressure has gone crazy. Hope your mother's condition turns around with good treatment and lots of love.

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Tina Brown
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Oh your poor mother she is going through it. The antibiotics will surely help her and while she is in hospital they will take good care of her. I will be thinking of her and I hope YOU are OK too :) Tina

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Good news. Mum is feeling a lot better,she is still in hospitals , we are hoping that she comes home tomorrow, fingers crossed. She needs her tummy drained again, but they won't do that until she sees an oncologist. They think the infection is a result of having the fluid drained, and she is going to have to delay her second chemo which was meant to be on Thursday this week.
But the main thing is that she is ok :)
@Tina , I am ok thankyou for asking.... Mum sailed her first chemo , and after reading this board, I was thinking wow she has bee so lucky, some of the things I have seen the ladies on here go through and come put the other side , I think it has kind of prepared me a little for this.if this had of happened when she had her first treatment and I hadn't had the chance to follow other peoples experience , god who knows, I think I would have needed help from the doctor to.
It's a very bumpy road we are all travelling together!

Cindy Bear
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That is good news.. yeah!! Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and she is home tomorrow..

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A lot of elderly people have low body temperature as the metabolism slows down with aging.

Low body temperature is also one of the signs of low thyroid function. When someone is undergoing a lot of stress, it is not uncommon to have a low body temperature, low thyroid function AND low adrenal function.

One problem with this situation is that a low-grade fever might be overlooked in your mum. For example: if her usual temperature is 96.7 (35.9 Celsius)then she is having a mild fever at 98.9 (36.6 Celsius).

I usually have a low body temperature and before surgery (and for weeks afterwards), my temperature was 99.8 - 100 degrees Farenheit (or 37.6 to 37.7 degrees Celsius) from all the inflammation going on.

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