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My name is Kathleen and I have had cancer three times, and rare cancers.I now have breast cancer, of course it was in a weird spot.I just started chemo and after radiation. I had
cancer of the appendix in 1996, a carcinoma on my appendix, and it was removed with no
treatment. Great. Then 7 years later I get small bowel cancer, also rare. I was misdaignosed for 2 years and was dying. I finally found a doctor and he saved my life.
He took out my small bowel, gallbladder, small bowel and my1/3 of my pancrease and I had
chemo and radiation and my 5 years went by and I survived. I thanked god. Then again 7 years later I am diagnosed with breast cancer, just this past january. I was sick over it.
Then with the breast cancer, it was in such a weird spot on mybreast and muscles. Now here
I am going to chemo agai, but this time the chemo is worse then the first time, its three different chemos,plus a shot the day after chemo. I would say I am lucky, I will survive
this as I did the other cancers. its just why?. I know you don't ask why. Well any way
I have to go for a gene study, which they wanted me to go for after the other cancer. I have three children and they want to see if I have a strange gene, they can't fix it, but
then my children will be tested to see if they have it.I pray not. On top of this I have Lupus and RA, the lupus makes it difficult, but I will deal with it.No matter what comes my way, I fight like hell and always did and I hope this helps at least just one person, to always think positive and fight, because it works. I am here and intend to stay here.

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Hi Kathleen,

I'm Lily and I am a survivor of Gallbladder Cancer Stage 4. Diagnosis 2005. You are a very strong woman and to have gone down this road 3 times is just amazing! You have fought for such a long time and I have no doubt that you will conquer this last diagnosis too. Once you have a cancer diagnosis everyday is a fight. I think we always ask ourselves WHY??? It just doesn't make any sense. I think that it is great that you are going to have the gene study done. I believe that the genes play a big part in all of this. I would be willing to do that as I too have a child and would like her to know if this is possibilty in her future. I hope not too but if you are aware of something as a possibility than you can deal with it better. It must be so hard since you have underlying medical conditions including cancer. Lupus is very fatiguing also. Positive thinking is such a key on beating this disease. Thanks for sharing you story. Continue fighting!!
Take Care

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