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Opened the 1st of my 'posthumous' birthday cards to my grandkids today! :D

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When I had my 1st recurrence, back in November of 2009, I read the survival statistics of my rare aggressive uterine cancer, and got my affairs in order. I felt I needed to have all the loose ends tied up so I could concentrate on LIVING for the time I had left. A part of those 'preparations' was to write out birthday and Christmas cards for my 2 grandkids, cards and a $ gift for every birthday until they each turned 18. (I know they always look forward to a special gift from Grammy Linda, and I wanted them to still keep getting those gifts after I was gone.) Back in the fall of 2009, I figured I could surely survive through 2010, but I thought I'd better start the "greetings from the grave" with Jakey's 9th birthday, March 28th, 2011.

What fun to crawl under the bed today, open up the big storage box I have of things I want the grandkids to get, and rip open that card! I'M STILL HERE! & instead of a card he's getting a nice mid-size flat screen from his Grammy for his room! And I'll get to hug and kiss him, too, and eat cake!

I look forward to more visits 'under the bed', to rip up even more 'posthumous' greeting cards. :D

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I teared up reading your post. There's no better way to celebrate a birthday, than ALIVE!


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Isn't he lucky to have you there today!!! Yeah, statistics shmastistics......my mother should be close to her death bed about now...certainly in hospice and it's not happening....so good for you all!!!! I think the care is better and the statistics are old...hope you had a fantastic day with Jakey!!!! Keep up the fight!! we need you here on the board and afterall shouldn't we be your first priority? PS..did you make birthday cards for us?

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I love this story! And I know you will be ok for a long time, with your survivor skills.

And I'm so impressed with how organized you are. I have yet to do anything to prepare for my kids' future without me. I should tap into your wisdom on how to do this.

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Gosh Linda, I just loved this. The strangest thing about this is.... I was shopping today and my grandson's birthday is coming up on April 8. I started thinking back about when you had posted that you had taken care of all the future birthday cards for your grandkids. I thought to myself... I should really do that. And here you are posting about it.

Here's to you crawling under that bed for many years to come and ripping those birthday cards open one by one. (And I am going to be here waiting for you to post each one you rip open.)

Sending lots of hugs.

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and I hope you get to open all the cards and be here for their 18th birthdays. Your post made me tear up too. I have been joking for years about wanting grandchilden. My son is 30 and is not anywhere near that point. When I found out I had ov/ca one of the first things I thought was, I won't live to have grandchildren. Well, I am not giving up on that yet but I wish my son would get busy.


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Linda, this story brought the biggest smile to my face and a tear to my eye.
Here's to ripping up many more.

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Oh linda how lovely, reading your post brought a huge smile to my face, happy days! X

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Let us all eat cake!! and be d**ned to those statistics. Happy b-day, Jakey and happy, happy "I'm still here" to you, Linda. Yesterday I threw a b-day party for my oldest granddaughter, Taylor. She turned 10... and considers herself a tween... :). I was diagnosed 3C 5 years ago this May and I treasured this day. I am just starting to get some strength back from my last chemo, but I pulled out all the stops... I'll rest today. The hugs, kisses and belly laughs we shared remind me why I'm fighting!
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I hope you are opening that box for many,many years !

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lol,my grandkids loved the poem monkeys jumping on the bed one fell down and hurt his head no more monkeys jumping on the bed. How much joy they give us. May you have many more years to spend with your grandchildren....val

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How wonderful! Thanks for sharing this victory with us.

Love you,

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