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luvinlife2 (Kathy)

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Does anyone know where Kathy is? She has not posted for awhile. Today I noticed she is missing from my friends list + all of her posts seem to be gone. I miss you Kathy!

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I did a member search, and she is not listed anymore. It looks like she's quit.


Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

I miss her posts!

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I sent her a pm and she hasn't responded and I can't find her posts. I'll be very sorry if she quit because she has a lot of information to share and I really wanted to get to know her more. I hope she comes back to the board.

Best to all,


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Her optimism was contagious.

But I know that she said herself on one of the recent call out threads how much the thread "saddened her". She often said she didn't like the confrontational threads so I would imagine that along with the recent posts that continually repeat stage IV survivor stats probably did it. I know that if I had read a couple of the recent posts that have been made back when I was first diagnosed and came here, I would never have come back!

We all know the stats if we are interested. I see no sense in repeating them on thread after thread like is currently being done. This is a support and insprirational site too, we can get the numbers from our doctors if we want them. Not everyone wants to be reminded of their chances every single single time they log on to "talk to their friends in the fight".

My favorite quote from this site in 2004 was "stats are for Vegas"!

I don't think Kathy is still reading but if someone has her personal email address please let her know we will miss her and that I am sorry that she didn't find the board helpful and supportive anymore. I'm very sad about this.

Lisa P.

Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

I totally agree. We all can look up the stats easily if we want them. I don't see any purpose in repeating them on this site. I am also very sad about this. In addition to enjoying her posts, Kathy sent me some very helpful PMs.

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But....in certain way we have the needing of ask about experiences, chances , but mainly good news.From my side I try to post positive threads but
even that some times stats comes to my mind , it's unavoidable .Once that said , let's be positive , let's think in colon palooza, in the week end,in the walks of Pete , but f.....ck this think is a sheet!

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Scouty, we need to hear from you more, you are an inspiration!!!

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All I can say to your comments is "Amen". I too have noted a somewhat disturbing trend on the board and many newbies who come on never come back. I have also noted many not posting anymore, Lovinlife2 was one of them. It should never be us against them, my treatment against yours, blah, blah, we are in this together and sharing information and support is what it is all about. We do the very best we can under trying circumstances. I value all the information people share about what worked for them and have learned much.

When I read posts from members who rarely post go on about pharmaceutical companies and oncologists only wanting to keep people around to get every nickel they can out of people before they die, I find it disturbing. Come on, whats the point of it.

Hugs - Tina

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I have never mentioned to Jimmy that he is stage IV and he has never asked. He is not medical so I really don't think he's aware of what the stages mean. I don't know if that is right or not but why explain something that might not even matter, esp when I read about people on here who are stage IV and have been around for a long time.

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I'll be really sad if what Scouty said is true. Kathy is a gem. She sent me a great pm several weeks ago that was full of love, support, ideas for more options. I hope there is a way that someone can contact her. Although, I guess I don't really blame her for leaving.

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I checked if she was still on csn, but it seems she has left. I only realised recently she was on my facebook, so I sent her a message. I will ask her about csn and let you all know.


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I miss her!

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I hope luvinlife2 Kathy comes back.
We need everyones support, the bigger the baord the stronger and more diverse.
And yes some strangeones come along from far away shores. like pepe ohoh typo I ment to say pete.
I just hope and pray she is well and as her name said luvinlife2, which say it all.

All leave the weighter issues for the members with over 1000 posts wisdom to contemplate.

hugs to you kathy and ALL OF US HERE and peace above all else


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I have not been around or posting because I have had a very hard time dealing with my mother's illness and the scariness of the whole situation. When I first came on here to ask questions and get support, I found Kathy and she was truly an angel to me. She actually lives about an hour from where I live and she phoned me at home and talked to me about her journey. She gave me some wonderful advice on how to navigate this incredibly scary journey and provided me with immense support. She also sent me a few emails to check up on how my mom is doing. She is truly an incredible, compassionate and supportive lady.

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