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How are things?
I have not been on lately....hope you are doing ok...

Be good to yourself,

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Thanks for asking...it's been 2 weeks since we were told he has maybe a month left, but I think it will be longer. The steroids are giving him energy and he's eating well, he has mental confusion but it hasn't gotten worse...he is losing weight though, he is just a twig now. The cancer is obviously depleting his body's resources.
I have gone back to work part time, I am afraid of using up all my time. He is capable of being left alone, I just won't do it for the whole day. I go in late and leave early. They are very understanding, so far (Frank worked at the same organization, so everyone knows the situation).
So I'm running back and forth a lot, but that's ok. He doesn't want to be babysat, so for now we are not using the home health aide, but I know that and other hospice resources are just a phone call away when we need it.
Thanks again for reaching out...

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