Bile Duct Cancer


My mom was just diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer.. I am in departed need of anyone who has dealt with this type of cancer, or any ones family members who had this. I also would love to hear from people who has beat this type of cancer... this has been a world-wind we never ever expected this to happen; especially in November we was told NO-Cancer!! My mom is my life; we are best friends she lives not even a mile from me. I am so hurt, mad & even angry. I have never ever felt so alone in my LIFE... I will be by my mother’s side every-step of the way... I want any suggestions on how to cope with all feelings I am felling. Please help!!!!


  • Angel322
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    I want to help you

    Im sorry I haven't been online and missed your post to contact you. Please email me at [email protected] I want to help you. Please don't hesitate and contact me anytime. I live in Baltimore, right around you somewhere. I hope you and your Mom are doing ok. My prayers and thoughts are so with you. Hugs.