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2nd lobectomy UPDATE

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cb girl
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The 4-5 hour surgery that instead went 7 hours is now over and is a success! The surgeon removed the LLL, which turns out was not touching the aorta. However the tumor was creeping up into the airway and they were able to cut that part out and get to negative margins and stitch the ends back together. Also had to remove part of an artery within the lung that the tumor was touching and put in a 6mm gore-tex graft. They took out lymph nodes as well, but won't get that path report until we return for follow up in two weeks. The surgeon actually used the good C word-cure. He says we can start to think about a cure. How sweet it is. May have to have chemo as the last pathology did show cancer in two lymph nodes that were removed, but right now just want to enjoy the moment of we can think about a cure. Of course we have a long road of recovery ahead of us. and for the hubby a long weekend-he can't eat until Monday because he has to have swallow studies first and it's the weekend now and they won't be done until Monday. A small price to pay and he has a few pounds to spare as do I :-) i just might get a good night's sleep tonight.
Thank all of you for the well wishes before surgery. I kept them in mind as the hours dragged on in the waiting room. have a good weekend,

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I am so glad to hear everything went so well. The cure word from the dr is very encouraging. I hope your husband will be able to pass his swallow test and eat soon. Have a good nights sleep. Lori

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That is incredibly good news. Enjoy your weekend. I hope your husband's recovery is without too much pain and swift.
I asked about the surgery in another thread, so please ignore it. All the best, and please keep us updated, Diane

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So very happy for you both. Stay strong, think positive, and know that you have a bunch of people rooting for you guys.

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Glenna M
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So happy to hear that your husband's surgery was a success and I'll keep you both in my prayers that his recovery goes smoothly.

Stay strong,

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Thank you for sharing your good news with us on this post..I am glad to hear things went the way your husband needed and will keep praying for a smooth recovery!

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