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One year ago today my life changed!

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One year ago today is when I lost the love of my life. I never thought life could change so much. I loved him with all my heart and wanted to grow old with him but overnight that changed. Since he had only been diagnosed in January, 2010 with lung cancer and the prognosis was grim, I always had hope that a miracle would happen. This just couldn't be happening is what we said to each other. When we got home that day from the awful news, we just held each other and cried.
So here it is one year ago and I am surviving without him. Never thought I'd be able to go on, but Thank God for my 3 children, my 2 daughter-in-laws and my 3 beautiful grandsons, I've made it. With all the support from them & my friends and all of you who have gone through losing someone you love or are going through their sickness with them now, I just want to give you a "virtual hug" and say THANKS!!!
I hope this next year is a better one for all of us who have gone through this accepting our new life whether we want to or not. Carole

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luz del lago
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Today is a significant date for you in so many ways. Yes, it marks the anniversary of a great loss for you. To me, it also marks the enormity and greatness of your love for him, and his for you! This love is what got you both through the diagnosis and beginning of treatment. This love is what got you through one year without him. I know from what you have so lovingly shared, that there have been tears, sadness and grief. But I have also seen the hope and inspiration in your words.
Indeed, you are blessed with your wonderful family and friends. I am blessed for having come to know you through our "virtual" family here!
Continue to triumph, dear one. Every step forward, even some back, are samples for many of us to keep moving forward!



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For the passed 9 years I have done all I can to prepare my wife for that day. The PET’s keep coming back showing that something is there but it has not grew any it just stays the same size. I pray and thank God for that everyday, and for everyday more I have to be with her. We have been married for 36 years now and she is still the most wonderful woman I have ever knower in my life, she is not only my wife she is my best friend.

I just hope and pray that when that day does come, she is as strong a person as you are.

Wishing you always the best

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