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Still able to reproduce?

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I had a vasectomy thirty years ago and DaVinci surgery six months ago. I am 58 and healthy--my gal and I are considering invitro fertilization because we heard that I still may be producing sperm.
Given the time span, is this possible? If so, what does this involve and what does it cost?

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From what I have read it is possible to aspirate sperm in the testes with a needle or through surgery. The sperm is then used for in vitro artificial insemination. I believe that the procedure is both complicated and very expensive and that there are several variations of these techniques which are possible so it depends upon which technique the doctor you choose is most comfortable with.

The vasectomy you had so long ago may add additional complications to the ultimate success of any procedure you might try. Evidently, after a vasectomy most men begin to develop anti-sperm antibodies which affect the quality and amount of motile sperm available. I believe they would have to do some special testing to determine whether or not this would be a factor in your case.

Because of the difficulty and expense of making babies this way, men with prostate cancer who are still considering fathering children are encouraged to bank their sperm in advance of taking any treatment actions.

Good luck to you and please let us know how this works out for you.



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They told me that after my surgery I would be sterile, no chance after that... (the procedure also removes the vas deferens )

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Most RP also removes the seminal vesicules. It is impossible for men who have had an RP to reproduce normally although the testes will continue to produce sperm which can be removed in various ways for artificial insemination. It's a difficult and expensive process.

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So, when you're 76 the child will be a senior in highschool. Are you sure? Teenagers are hard enough when we're in our 30's and 40's.

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