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Things are going good

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Well it has been almost 2 years since my surgery....and after almost 40 years with Harley Davidson, at age 57, I have retired... Monday was my official date....We figured we had enough to live like we wanted.... so adios...TIME TO TRAVEL MORE OFTEN. I still have some leaking, not much, I will wear a pad on occasion if being active, but could go all day without one..Now and again if I eat certain foods, it gets bothersome, but, for the most part, containable... would I do it again? DaVinci !!! maybe, maybe not.. I still have to learn to live without my prostate, but I am cancer free... I keep moving forward, learning to live an altered lifestyle... was a work-a-holic, LOVED my job.. LOVED going to work, LOVED making more money more money...lmao ...but I lost the love, now I just want to spend everyday with my wife.. They say nothing stays the same, everything changes... Right?

hopeful and opt...
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Welcome to the good life.....

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Your retirement is the best "treatment" you could give to your body. The worse to your pocket.
I retirered at 56, very worried, et voila.....!!! Fantastic. This is the best part of my life and in this wonderful conner of Europe.
You are well come if travel, good food and good wine (red) are of your choice. Bring along your Harley Davidson and enjoy the sunshine 320 days a year.
Wishing you the best in your free time.

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Congratulations and may your future days be filled with fun, content, and health. Best,


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assuming that is a pic of your wife, I think that you made two very wise decisions :-)

Good luck with retirement and of course in the future with PC.


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Congratulations on your cancer-free situation, the early retirement and the decision to spend as much time as possible with your wife! You've figured "it" out (as in life) and you'll be surprised at how happy you will be as your life changes over the next few months.

Like you, I hung it up at 57 and haven't looked back. It's been great even with the cancer diagnosis a few years ago - and even better since my PSA dropped like a rock a week ago.


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Hi, I’m 60 years old and recently retired. So far it’s like Christmas every day! When I wake up and come down stairs I keep looking for the tree, lol. I had a Radical Prostatectomy Jan 5th this year and am doing well. Side effects are fading away. I was never a workaholic like you but did work hard and long most of my life. Medical profession did what they could to scare me with a very short, painful life if I didn’t do something. Originally Diagnose with a gleason 9. Still took me over a year to go under the knife. Post surgery gleason score low 7 (3-4). Did find micro cells in bladder neck, but have an undetected PSA! I guessing this is just another scare. However I’m doing everything I can health wise to fight off anything that may be attacking my body. (Diet, exercise and whatever it takes). Now that I have the time I plain to go to more bike rallies and get into the wind more, even thou my sportster and softail standard have plenty of miles on them already. I may have to break down and get an (Wife and I call an old people’s bike) Ultra Classic. She would flip out, only for the reason that I don’t plan on ever getting rid of the other two! Thanks for the thought of getting to know and spend more time with my wife. She doesn’t think she can retire for another 5 years but I bet we can figures out something. As we have all learned in here, Life can short!

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Thank you everyone.....BArton, love the Christmas analogy .....Sony , I figured if you could, I could...now just need the motorhome...lol and Mark...yep...that is the little woman.....35 years, 5 girls, 11 grandkids....go figure

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