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fatigue and synthroid dosage

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Hello everyone,

I am currently undergoing treatment for papillary thyroid cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes in my neck. My synthroid dose is 150 mcg (I am a 22 yo female and weight about 125 lbs). I am 2 1/2 mo post TT and still feel very tired all the time. its starting to worry me, as I haven't even gone hypo for radiation yet! (I had a CT prior to surgery so they are waiting for iodine to get out of my system) My endo says my TSH supposedly is in the good range for me at this point, but the fatigue has continued. I'm a college student, but am currently living at home and commuting a few days a week. I'm not working and rest mostly during my time off (I sleep 9-10 hours per night, sometimes more) so I'm not really sure why I'm still tired. I thought being on synthroid was supposed to make you slightly hyperthyroid, doesn't that give you more energy? I'm not sure if its a matter of changing the dosage. anyone have a similar story?

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It takes months or years for them to figure out what the "correct" dose of synthroid for you is.

When I started they put me on 150 mcg then brought it to 200 mcg then 250 mcg and now do to my request and serching online and such they have changed my dose again

so currently i am on 200mcg synthroid and 25mcg cytomel.

I am now down to about 6-7 hours a night plus a 1-3 hour nap when i get off work. so no i dont think they have my level right yet but the cytomel seems to have picked me up and given me more energy.

synthroid is t4
cytomel is t3
the body can convert t4 to t3 and back as needed
another replacement you might hear about is Armor (this is disected animal thyroid) most doctors do not like Armor cause the dose is more varable.

also i have been put on an anti-depressent (seems to be working)
also have them check your calcium as well as vitimin D levels... my Vitimin D level was very low and they put me on mega doses to get me back to the normal range.

yes prior to RAI treatment they normaly want to keep you hyperthyroidic but they may not have gotten the level right yet

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I am six years out with hurthle cell cancer and I seem to stay fatigued two weeks out of the month and hyper the other two until I wind down at night. The others on here are very knowledgeable and helpful. After six years, I have learned that I have to be my own advocate, which I haven't been in the past. My Dr. said I was lucky and not to worry about it....WRONG! They will probably keep adjusting your meds for awhile, they have me on two different doses and I am sure it will change again. Good luck and keep us informed.

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