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Pathology-- Grade 2 astrocytoma-- Significance of overexpression of p53?

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Does anyone know what the significance is of p53? My husband pathology stated p53 was strongly over-expressed in some areas, but absent in others. Can anyone help me out on this?

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It looks like this has something to do with the cancer cells at a molecule level. Please see below. I believe the P before the numbers is in reference to the protein interaction
with the cells.

Many molecules, including several regulators and various target genes, are involved in the biological functions of p53, thus making the p53 pathway rather complicated. However, recent clinical studies have demonstrated that most human cancers have an abnormality in some of the molecules associated with the p53 pathway. Most non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLCs) have either mutations of p53, a reduced p14 alternate reading frame expression, a reduced herpesvirus-associated ubiquitin-specific protease expression or a reduced p33 inhibitor of growth gene1b expression. As a result, the balance of expression of p53 target genes, such as p21, Bax and PUMA, regulates the biological behavior and determines the fate of tumor cells. To date, many studies on cancer gene therapy using these molecules associated with the p53 pathway have been performed to develop new strategies for treating NSCLC patients. Thus, the establishment of a comprehensive and simple evaluation protocol for the p53 pathway is required for clinical use.

I hope this helps you sorry it is soo late.


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