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ok what now-totally need to vent

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rectal/liver cancer- does any one out there have this type. ok getting ready to meet with surgeons after 8 rounds of chemo, totally stressing out. I feel I need to get my life in some kind of order. Don't mean to be a downer but if you have kids do you write them a letter of the just in case something happens while you are under the knife? I guess i should do a living will but does this give you security/ peace of mind. How can you think that something will happen- this part of the acceptance is damn scary. Then there is relay for life, wonderful great but STRESS, I guess I am at the point of needing to accept that I have cancer. I just think I have a constant backache, and every other week I have the flu--nothing else.

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I hope and pray that your surgery and whatever other procedures are done will take care of the cancer. But until then, by all means get your life "in order". I don't know what your family situation is but please do this for whoever will have to take care of things if you are incapacitated or dead. I don't mean to be morbid, but being the spouse that was left holding the bag after my husband died, I realize there was a lot more that could have been done. At the top of the list should be having a will and someone to serve as power of attorney. If you use online services for banking, bill paying, etc, leave your user-ids and passwords for the person that will be left to handle these things. Hopefully, if you know that these kinds of things are taken care of, you can focus on your treatment and health and not be worried about day-to-day life details.
good Luck!

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Facing our own mortality ismstressful and a real bummer. I hope all goes well with your surgery. Write the kids a letter if it will help you. Get your affairs in order so you don't need to worry about them, if that will relieve some stress. Just do whatever you need to do. Then forget it, and try to,stay positive about the life you have today. Fay

PS. Of course you are stressed and scared. This is really scary stuff! Hang in there.

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aka,hoping to hear if you have any word yet or if you have had your surgery? I do have a very dear friend who has rectal cancer. He is waiting for word on surgery also, have a meeting with the Onc and surgeon tomorrow afternoon.

Hope you have some answers to some of the questions and decisions that were troubling you and/or are recovering nicely by now.


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