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Here I go again

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Came home this evening and started having the out of my head kind of abdominal pain again. I do NOT want to go to the hospital. Bill called the nurse line, and they advised me to go to the ER. I'm trying not to, but we'll see...The pain has lately been all over the abdomen instead of right where the resection took place. That makes me nervous. Why isn't it in the same place it's been for the last 3 years?


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I am sorry to hear this; I don't want to hear of you in pain. I hope you feel better soon. Don't wait too long to go to the ER!

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Hi Gail,

I'm sorry you're experiencing pain & I'm praying right now that it's nothing serious.
Take care of yourself & let us know as soon as you can-


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First off, let me say belatedly Happy Anniversary!!! And as to the ER thing, hon, if it's bad, you know you just have to go. Could be some bad food you ate!!!! At least that's what I'm voting for.
Stay calm, you'll be okay. But if it hurts that bad and the nurse line said ER, hon, go to the ER.
Your cute little hugs back at you,
Winter Marie

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So sorry you are in pain again. I am saying a prayer for you. Please let us know that you are OK.


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tina dasilva
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i'm so sorry your in pain but you need to go to the ER i will bw thinking about you lots of hugs Tina

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Well, I am a bit stubborn, plus worried about money, so I did end up waiting until today and went to my doctor. He sent me for x-rays and bloodwork. Things turned out okay. The doctor wants me to think about going to a pain management clinic. Thinking about it!


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I'm glad that the x-rays and blood work didn't show anything wrong, but I know that doesn't help the pain. I went to a pain management clinic at the hospital a long time ago for neck and shoulder pain. After a few months of treatment, I was painfree. Obviously, I'm a big proponent of them. At least you have a new option to consider.

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Get thee to medical help!

As my gastric surgeon said to me "After a few hours, it can get much worse, and lead to permanent bowel death"....scared the poop out of me! (Literally...lol).

BIG dutch hugs, Kathi

Day late....dollar short....read your first post, not your update before writing the above...glad you went to the doc....most obstructions clear themselves. I had 9 of them, and only the first one required hospitalization and surgery. And that was mainly because I had no idea what it was, having just been discharged 2 weeks before from my breast cancer surgery....I laughed at my breast surgeon's response after I called him first "You know, Kathi, the last time I checked my anatomy books, the breast is not connected to the bowel!"


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Oh, my. *L* Normal people don't laugh at the things we do!


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One more thing (it just happened to me...lol). After all the rads/chemo/surgery I became lactose intollerant. Still, 6 years later, when I 'sin' and eat dairy (I'm right now in a country that specializes in delicious cheese...lol...can't always say 'no') I have TERRIBLE abdominal pain...and MUCH gas....

I have accepted that I am pretty much the same as someone with IBS...so I try to be careful....just wish the Chippolata Pudding (a special dessert made with heavy cream and milk and and cookie crumbs and apricot liquor and...well, you get the picture) didn't taste so gosh-darn GOOD!!! ROFL!

BIG dutch hugs, Kathi

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And hallo my dear Dutch lady , miss your post !

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oh gail,
its kind of love and hate at once.
on one hand who wants to goto hospital ? not me.

that said when we need help, and you probably do.
then off you go.
try and smile at the nurses throgh the pain, they always have been so
kind to me so far. I hopeyour ER visit and relieves your pain and is of short duration and
that all is ok in your abdominal.


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