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Maglets ! Where and how are you?

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Love you!

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maglets and miss u.maybe they are finally thawing out a bit.hope to hear from you soon....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Please visit soon!

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I am here.....last week we packed up and drove 9 hours away to stay with our daughter and future son-in-law in a little log cabin in the mountains......his mom and dad and aunt and uncle came for dinner so it was a bit of the families getting to know one another. Lots of good will and food and drinks.....

My daughter is fussing about wedding planning and this stresses me to see her stressed

I have CEA's tomorrow and CT scan next week so as you all know.....these things equal stressing.....

soooooo off to the Y for a little stretch class....

oh and it's cold and gloomy with more snow predicted and minus 5 temps.....

well aren't I just little Miss Sunshine....not......

not to worry.....all well

with hugs and thanks for thinking of me


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Joined: Aug 2010

Hope you get good feeling with your in laws , hahahaha, .
Just let us know about your results that I'm sure are going to be great. Will be praying for that!
Best Mags.

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you ARE in fact Little Miss Sunshine, just hiding behind a bit of gloom and cloud for a few minutes, I am sure.

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I think it's been too long since you've posted and left your gems of posts in various topics :) I miss my Timmy's snortin', Timbits chompin' fellow Canadian! Wouldn't you know it, it's just after 1am here on the West Coast and I have a craving for a box o'Timbits!! Of course, I'm in my jammies, it's raining out, and I'm not about to get changed now and drive to the nearest Timmy's 24 hour Emergency Stop :D But whenever I think of Timmy's I automatically think of our Maglets!! :D

Now... I know you had your CEA blood work done about 5 days ago... and this week you have your CT scan. Did you get the results for your CEA test?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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I was on my walk today and came up over the hill by the beach. There was a woman sitting on a beach chair and my first thought was, "Oh, she looks like Mags. I wish it was her." Thinking of you filled my heart with joy.


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how did the cea and scan look for ya darlin? I'm hpoing its all good.
Glad you hd a nie visit with your daughter sonds like it was fun.
Thinking about ya! and dmn glad the weather is turning here a bit snow is almost gone.

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glad your so cherry and i hope yur cea is good

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I read this as " "glad you got your cherry", then realized it was glad your so cherry, then figured out you meant cheery. LOL. My little laugh for the day, thanks Pete!!

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hahah I have had a serious case of head in the ground....hiding so to speak

nope no results yet ///my cea takes 2 weeks and CT scan is not until next Tuesday....also I have been busy inventing cancer. I do not mean to make light.....there are so many with bad news here lately. When you stage 4 and coming into the test mode again I start inventing cancer everywhere.....my liver hurts....for sure I can't breathe.....etc.

lordielou....you would think I could just leave it alone but it is as if I want to be ready when the axe falls.....

still here....freezin our little canuck butts off......ohhhh for a touch of warmth

oh Wait!!!!! that's what you all just sent me.....



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after this post , Cheer up everything is going to be fine, you know it!

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