My Dad was just recently Diagnosed with NSCLC

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My dad was diagnosed with NSCLC Adencocarcinoma said it is metastic. The tumor is in his left long and has moved to the right lung. they are doing a bone scan this week to see if it has spread to the bone. he is not able for sugery cause he is also in the 3rd stage of COPD. They said he is in stage 4 of his cancer. my question is they found another tummor in his prostate it is the same kind of cancer as he has in his lung but the urolagist is saying its not from the lung and havent got to talk to the lung doctors about it. But me and my family are confused cause we know it has started to spread so how do they know it is not from his lung? Is it possible that it could be from the lung? And also the more the cancer has spread does that lower his prognosis??


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    Ugh that is confusing. I
    Ugh that is confusing. I don't understand why the urologist is telling you its not from the lung. If he was diagnosed with lung cancer and the same exact type of cell was found in his prostate then that would be called metastized lung cancer in the prostate. Drs can be very confusing and the waiting game you have to play is very frustrating. My dad was diagnosed with sclc about a month ago also inoperable. He just completed his 1st round of chemotherapy and will begin radiation after the 2nd round of chemo. This is typically the course of treatment when there is no option for surgery. As for prognosis try not to worry to much anything is possible. My dad was told he had 2weeks to live when diagnosed with a different cancer over 20yrs ago and he's still here. Now another battle but you just have to keep your head up and face it. I'll send a prayer your way and hope for your dad.