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menopause help

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Just wondering what everone uses to balance your hormone levels. My gyno checked my levels and I basically don't have any estrogen. I am in complete menopause and am experiencing all of the symptoms. He suggested estrogne and progestrogen. After reading the side effects I don't want to use them. Has anyone else go on something else? I have read about bioidenticals too. I don't won't any long term effects from imbalances either. Any information would be great! Thanks

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I was experiencing vaginal dryness, along with vaginal stenosis, which has kept me from a sex life since completing treatment. My gyno now has me on Vagifem vaginal tablets, which I insert twice weekly. They seem to be helping, as I have been able to easily use the larger dilator once again. I have not had any problems with hot flashes on a regular basis, just occasionally.

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i used Evista and fosomax for osteoporosis after menapuase but no hormones. evista actually give s you hot flashes. i just put up with them now . MD anderson has taken me off of both because i was on them 6-7 years. will see. sephie

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