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Caregiving again

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I hooked up with a group that rescues German Shepherds from high kill shelters, and met a beautiful 2 year old girl named Zena. She was left chained up in her first home without companionship and was abused. She had previously been adopted out twice, but both times had been returned because she is not a family dog. She needs a quiet environment, with a female, since she's afraid of men.

What a coincidence that I have a quiet environment, familiarity with the breed, and lonely nights with nothing to do?

The lady that heads the rescue told me that they had lost hope for her and were considering labeling her as unadoptable, she's so skittish and fearful.She took to me immediatly, let me put a leash on her, hung her head out of the car window for 100 miles, and now is quietly sleeping at my feet. Rescue lady said "I think you're the one she's been waiting for." and started to cry. I said "Please don't cry. I think I've needed her in my life."

When she called the rescue board members what had happened, they couldn't believe it. Maybe being a caregiver this way will be a good thing.
Feeling hopeful today,

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on your beautiful new girl. Looks like you needed each other. Got me all teary eyed now. THANKS lol

Enjoy your newest addition :)

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She is so beautiful! Your story has tears running down my face. We have had german shepherds all of our lives. They are so special. I am so grateful that you two found each other just when you both needed each other most. Here is to healing for both of you.


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She's really lovely. Maybe someone was playing matchmaker?

I've got a rescued Rottweiler who had a really awful start in life and is really scared. I know what that pull feels like, when they're with you for a reason.



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I am so glad you found each other. I don't know what I would have done without my beautiful black lab. We had to put our basset hound to sleep the week before Doug passed away. Thank goodness we had added the lab to our family about 2 years before. Doug loved labs and this one was very comforting to him during his last days. Now he is my companion. I know both you and your German Shepard will cherish your time together. Fay

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What a pretty dog!!! Sounds like she needed you and I'm so happy that you rescued her.
I've been thinking about maybe getting a puppy. But I'm looking for a "Morkie" which is part maltese & part yorkie so it's really a small dog. Just need someone to greet me when I come home. Also today was a gloomy, rainy day so I just stayed home. My kids were all busy, so at least I could've talked to a dog if I had one!! Ha!
Let us know how your dog's doing. what did you name him??? Carole

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I have to admit, Penny, when I saw the title to your post my heart stopped for a moment.

What wonderful news, though, about Zena! And she is gorgeous! You are both blessed.

Give her a hug (and a Milkbone) for me!

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Tina Blondek
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Dear Penny
So happy for you and your new found love! You needed each other! Glad to hear some good news for a change :)
Tina in Va

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That's such a lovely story. I hope she has a long happy life with you.

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She is a beautiful Shepherd, Penny. I will bet that she was crying too and feeling the same thing that you were, that she needed you in her life. I think it is a blessing that you found each other.

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Adopting Zena was the best decision I could have made. She and I are rescuing each other, that's for sure. We take walks at least twice a day so I'm getting more physically active, and she's learning to trust and not be so skittish. We went to the beach on Sunday and played in the sand, and when I come home from work, there's happy tail wagging (mine and hers) all around.

It helps that she's a rescue dog, I think someone here mentioned that rescue dogs are much more grateful; almost like they know its a second chance for them. She's fully grown, so there's no puppy chewing or housebreaking to be done. For those of you who are considering getting an animal to help with the grief process, I highly recommend it. My house definitely doesn't feel so empty anymore.

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Thanks Penny. That is something to definitely think about.

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Oh my goodness, aww! I'm at work reading this and trying to conceal the tears welling up! That is such a touching story! You and Zena are truly blessed to have found each other! :-)

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Zena sounds wonderful. Before my husband passed, we rescued a boxer. He formed such a bond with husband, and now he is a great comform to my son and me. We also rescued a cat that bring us laughter - even during these tough days.

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