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A relatively SMALL step, but I'm proud of it

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After reading all the stories of folks who have been waging this war for years and years, my news seems small and insignificant in comparison.... but I'M still proud of it.

Had my FIRST 3 month checkup Thursday, and got the test results back yesterday... BLOODWORK CAME BACK GOOD!! My family and I were tickled, and just wanted to share a smile :D

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Have a wonderful weekend and celebrate it!

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that is a big step and you should be proud.congrats and enjoy life....Godbless...johnnybegood

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This is wonderful news!

Remember that those of us who have made big steps started with those little triumphs that added up over time.

You have to lay the foundation, which you are starting to do.

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This is a journey made up of all small steps and we celebrate each of them, without them we suffer , with them we thrive......Lets all continue to thrive.......enjoy and celebrate your good news.............buzz

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There are no insignificant steps in the fight against cancer.

Everyone of them is worth a celebration and sharing.


Marie who loves kitties

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In this journey any good news is huge!!! congratulations!

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It is definitely good news that the bloodwork came back good. That means your body is pretty strong and able to tolerate all that is being put into it. That's huge in being able to continue on w/ the chemo.
Fight on!!


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Y'all are the best... big 'ole Rednecks hugs back atcha ;)

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So many here have battled for years and some are new. Some have stage 1 disease, some stage 4. Some have had every treatment available and some are just starting their first experience of chemo or radiotherapy.

No one person's battle is bigger or smaller, more or less important, more or less worth writing about on here, than any others. Your news fills me pleasure that there are parts of this fight won and lost by each of us everyday, but one that give up.

Thanks you,

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tanker sgv
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This isn't like the evening news where only bad things are talked about....lol. Good news is good news and that's always nice to hear.CONGRATULATIONS ON THREE MONTH CHECK UP BEING IN YOUR FAVOR, I know I speak for everyone when I say we are soooo happy for you!!!

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cos cancer hates it when you smile.........

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We love good news here!


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